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Funcast Leverages Kingsoft Cloud Marketplace to Leverage Gold

[IT168 Cloud Computing] The booming mobile Internet has brought about a change in user habits, with more and more reading, socializing, and entertainment moving from the PC to the mobile phone. The changing trend has also given rise to a large number of startup teams in the mobile internet era, focusing on the development and operation of mobile app applications.

Funcast is one such startup team. In November 2014 began to develop, in May 2015 the official launch of the fun broadcast, the product positioning in the field of live video on the mobile side, to create a dating platform with social attributes, the user focus on the 95, 00 crowd. After nearly a year of online operation, it now has 2 million registered users. With the proliferation of users, Funcast encountered architectural challenges at the technical level.

▲ Screenshot of Funcast App

The two major technical pain points of "latency and instability" need to be solved

Due to the product attributes, most of Funcast's users are located in Tier 4 and 5 cities in China. The vast majority of them are school students, or the young post-95 or 00 group. This segment of users is highly receptive to new technology products, willing to try new things, and happy to adopt social software for the purpose of making friends.

Live video dating platform, breaking the traditional dating model of WeChat, QQ and Weibo, is favored by young groups through a more direct and faster way. It is also based on this background that Funcast has accumulated a large number of users in a short period of time without much PR promotion, mostly through word of mouth. However, unlike show-style live streaming platforms such as Douyu, Funcast adds more interactive and social elements, which places higher demands on the fast and stable transmission of video up and down.

On the one hand, 85% of users use WIFI for video connection, which makes the interconnection unstable due to the different WIFI signals of domestic operators; On the other hand, traditional CDN services are expensive, not cost-effective, and have severe network latency. The technical pain points mentioned above have deeply troubled the Funcast team.

Deeper into the pain points of each attack Jinshan Cloud to support the advice

In order to better enhance the user experience, Funcast decided to move to cloud services to improve the existing technical architecture. Go deep into the pain points and hit each one.

Kingsoft Cloud is one of the first startup teams in China to enter the basic cloud service market, focusing on four major areas of solution providers: gaming cloud, video cloud, medical cloud, and government cloud. Kingsoft Cloud, which started as a game cloud, has also made a lot of achievements in the field of video cloud in recent years, with live streaming, on-demand, client SDK, cloud transcoding and other services, which can provide customers with one-stop video cloud solutions.

With Kingsoft Video Cloud Service's CDN acceleration platform, Funcast makes it possible to reduce live video network latency to 1 second. The live streaming solution enables the player to open in seconds, the lag rate is reduced, and the user experience is greatly improved. "Currently, we are using cloud-based CDN services that offer better value for money. In addition, compared to traditional CDNs, cloud-based CDNs have been greatly improved in terms of performance and stability. "Wan Lei, CTO of Funcast, told reporters. According to the introduction, the current interesting broadcast using a hybrid CDN with the way to support the live broadcast platform, 80% of the use of the Kingsoft Video Cloud.

It is understood that Kingsoft Cloud has been deeply involved in the field of live video streaming for many years. With years of technical precipitation, Kingsoft Video Cloud Service, can easily help customers solve the technical points of live video network optimization and network preference. And we can provide 1V1 customization service according to customer needs, so that customers do not have to bother with the underlying architecture and worry-free on the cloud.

concluding remarks

It has been said that 2015 was the first year of the development of the live video industry, a year in which platforms of all kinds and sizes sprang up. The Funcast team recognizes the prospects of the industry and intends to make more investments in technology products and marketing operations to achieve leapfrog development in 2016. "In 2016, we will see a new period of growth opportunities, as business demand continues to emerge and the number of users grows significantly, the Funcast platform will need faster response times with lower network latency to achieve higher customer retention rates. As a startup team, this all needed to be done by leveraging a third-party vendor. We hope that in the future Kingsoft Cloud can make better improvements in face recognition and forensic services, and that more providers will emerge to choose from. "The founder of Funcast, Duke Chao, said.

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