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Fuzhou 2018 Developer Festival concludes with industry leaders gathering to discuss emerging industry development

On the afternoon of November 24, "DevFest Fuzhou 2018", organized by Fujian Artificial Intelligence Society, Fuzhou Google Developer Community and Fujian Internet Economy Promotion Association, and hosted by Fujian Artificial Intelligence Society Artificial Intelligence Education Committee, Fuzhou Rexin Microelectronics Co. Artificial intelligence researchers and engineers from across the country, as well as industrial forces, came together to exchange insights and inspire, to help promote the level of research and industrial strength of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things in Fujian Province, to achieve industrial upgrading and transformation, and to stimulate new economic momentum in the province.

Dr. Chen Yidong, Secretary General of Fujian Artificial Intelligence Society and Associate Professor of Xiamen University, and Senior Engineer Zhang Chenran, Founder of Google Developer Community in Fuzhou, were present at the event.

Also present was IoT-GDE/Google IoT Developer Expert Mr. Yucheng Wang

Ltd, Mr. Deng Xunjin, Technical Director of Fuzhou Rexin Microelectronics Co., Ltd, Mr. Wu Honghe, Machine Learning Engineer and Organizer of Fuzhou GDG, and Mr. Yang Xiaolang, Founder and CEO of "Attract Phoenix Huinong".

At the beginning of the event, Prof. Chen Yidong, Secretary General of Fujian Artificial Intelligence Society, delivered a speech on behalf of the organizer. He firstly welcomed the AI developers from all over the country on behalf of Fujian Artificial Intelligence Society and Fuzhou Google Developer Community. As an important force in the field of scientific research and industry in Fujian Province, the Society and the community will continue to play a boosting role in the future to serve scientific researchers and engineers and promote the scientific research level and industrial strength of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things in Fujian Province.

After that, Dr. Yidong Chen, Associate Professor of Xiamen University, gave a keynote speech on "Some Semantic Related Research for Natural Language Processing". Speech is the simplest and most natural way of interaction, and it is also a research hotspot in the field of computer science and artificial intelligence in recent years, and Xiamen University has been at the forefront of research in this field in the world. The goal of natural language processing technology is to teach computers to "hear, read, and write", and although there is still a way to go before it is fully mature, recent breakthroughs in natural language processing (especially in machine reading comprehension) have brought computers one step closer to the ultimate goal of [not only hearing, but also understanding]!

The next decade of the Internet is the decade of the Internet of Things. Mr. Wang Yucheng, IoT-GDE/Google IoT Developer Expert, explains the architecture and application of an open source OS-Android Things, which is specifically built for IoT. He not only provides flexible and simple development support for developers, but also maintains the low-power characteristics of the IoT OS.

3D printing technology, as "an important symbol of the third industrial revolution", is considered an important opportunity to promote a new round of industrial revolution. The West China Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences focuses on the whole process of 3D printing materials, equipment, processes, software technology chain, the core technology and key technology breakthroughs, has undertaken a number of national and provincial issues, and has a number of invention patents. Dr. Jianlei Wang, a materials R&D engineer at the West China Institute of Science, shared 3D printing technology applied in the field of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, and shared the cutting-edge technological achievements in many aspects involved, such as digital modeling technology, electromechanical control technology, information technology, material science and chemistry.

Mr. Deng Xunjin, Technical Director of Fujian Rexin Microelectronics Co., Ltd. made a presentation on his company's latest research in the field of artificial intelligence. Rexin Micro is helping companies interested in using artificial intelligence through its "end-side" solutions to realize AI implementation and contribute to the change of artificial intelligence in the Internet of Things!

In the second half of the event, Mr. Yucheng Wang, IoT-GDE/Google IoT Developer Expert, shared with us again the use case of TensorFlowLite, an AI development tool specifically built for IoT, which requires only a simple format conversion to apply machine learning models to IoT endpoints. This is a great boon for mobile developers.

The Google Developer Conference is a global event where Google showcases the latest developer products and platforms. Mr. Wu Honghe, a machine learning engineer and organizer of Fuzhou GDG, also shared a comprehensive update on Google Developer Day China 2018. Wu Hong and his engineers not only brought the latest advances in machine learning, virtual reality and IoT to the audience, but also brought the ecological concept of "Develop quality applications quickly, retain an active user base, and make full use of various tools to earn more revenue (Develop - Grow - Earn)" to the developers in Fuzhou.

What would be different and innovative about agriculture combined with artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things? How to build, Mr. Yang Xiaolang, Founder and CEO of Attracting Phoenix Huinong, discussed with everyone the use of the latest technologies in the field of agriculture, such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, based on the practice of the county's intelligent agricultural service platform based on artificial intelligence. He said that in the future, he will also work closely with Fujian Aotron Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Fuzhou Google Developer Community, and will apply artificial intelligence and IoT technology to more fields such as agricultural production monitoring, agricultural data storage, food traceability, etc., to explore a road of agricultural industrialization suitable for Fujian characteristics.

In addition to the sharing of the latest industry news and technical knowledge brought by the above-mentioned elite experts, the attending developers and entrepreneurs also actively participated in the interactive sessions of the conference. Developers shared their experiences and insights on how to promote the application and implementation of artificial intelligence, which set off a "brainstorm" for the development of artificial intelligence. People in charge of enterprises also shared their own cases and outlook on the use of AI technology in their enterprises, which pushed the atmosphere of the event to the highest level.

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