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Galaxy Water Drop Rail Inspection Vehicle at the International Rail Show

[GlobeNewswire] On Nov. 8, at the 13th Shanghai International Rail Transit Exhibition, Huang Yongzhen, founder and CEO of Galaxy Waterdrop, a gait recognition artificial intelligence company, explained the feasibility and great value of using AI to upgrade rail transit. In addition, two major products of Galaxy Waterdrop intelligent transportation business segment, "Waterdrop Smart Inspection" and intelligent security checker, were also presented in the exhibition area, attracting widespread attention.

Huang Yongzhen said in his speech that Galaxy Waterdrop is a leading artificial intelligence company focusing on computer vision and video big data analysis, with nearly 20 years of technology accumulation in the industry and the most advanced gait recognition technology in the world.

Yongzhen said that in the future, Galaxy Waterdrop will continue to explore deeply in the field of rail transportation, and will lay out in the fields of automatic train driving and integrated platform for intelligent train operation to help China's rail transportation business achieve an all-round upgrade from quality to service. "

During his speech, Dr. Huang Yongzhen shared the solution of Galaxy Waterdrop using AI to upgrade rail transportation from three dimensions: track inspection, passenger security and station security, and analyzed the effect and advantages of gait recognition technology compared to other biometric technologies in rail transportation with the practical cases of Galaxy Waterdrop's products.

Huang Yongzhen firstly introduced China's first miniaturized rail transit integrated intelligent inspection vehicle - Galaxy Water Drop rail transit intelligent inspection vehicle "Water Drop Smart Inspection", which can complete intelligent inspection of subway tracks, tunnels, etc. The inspection vehicle, with AI as the core, based on the twenty-year technology accumulation of the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, breaks the monopoly of foreign technology and has completely independent intellectual property rights, integrating six functional modules of rail and latch defect detection, rail internal defect detection, vehicle limit detection, tunnel environment abnormality detection, contact network defect detection and gauge detection. The inspection vehicle uses a flexible product design solution, which can be sold either as a whole vehicle or by module in terms of functionality.

According to reports, the Galaxy water drop rail transit intelligent inspection vehicle "water drop intelligent inspection" research and development took 16 months, consulting hundreds of rail industry experts, self-powered, single person can drive, simple operation, intelligent detection speed of up to 15 km per hour, stable and reliable test results, can save about 30 professional maintenance personnel for each subway line, a full life cycle of equipment can save about 60 million yuan operation and maintenance costs. The launch of Water Drop Smart Inspection will change the status quo of domestic subway inspection which mainly relies on manpower, greatly improve the speed and accuracy of detection, enhance the intelligence level of subway operation, and escort the public for safe travel.

In terms of intelligent security screening, Huang Yongzhen introduced to the attendees that Galaxy Waterdrop intelligent security checker is based on Galaxy Waterdrop's self-developed deep structure expression model, which can automatically identify and alarm contraband such as liquids, control knives and firearms through a large number of samples learning and training, assisting security personnel in fast and accurate contraband identification, improving passenger screening speed and ensuring the safety of subway operations.

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