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Gama AI Institute wins "2018 Women's Leadership Innovation Award"

On June 13, 2018, at the "2018 Women's Leadership for Change Forum" in Shanghai, we received good news that Finance One's Karma AI Institute was awarded the "Women's Leadership Innovation Award".

The forum, jointly directed by the Shanghai Municipal Office of Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee and the Shanghai Women's Federation and organized by Shanghai Daily, showcased the concrete results of the "Women's Leadership for Change" project launched in Shanghai in February this year.

"The Women's Transformational Leadership Forum showcases outstanding corporate practices in women's transformational leadership and recognizes women in the workplace who have achieved professional excellence. The event is open to enterprises in Shanghai to collect outstanding cases and select the "Outstanding Contribution to Women's Leadership Award", "Women's Leadership Innovation Award" and "Women's Leadership Academy Mentor".

The power of female innovation is on the rise in recent years as society evolves. According to data, the new generation of female entrepreneurs is highly sensitive to technology, and over 60% of female entrepreneurs "are using or planning to use cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence to start their own business". In a comparison of female leaders in technology in China, the U.S. and U.K., Chinese executives account for 79% of the total.

Founded in 2017 by Ms. Qiu Han, Deputy General Manager and Chief Innovation Officer of Finance One, the Gama AI Institute is a practitioner of Ping An Group's 3.0 open platform strategy. It is an innovative and fighting team, gathering dozens of industry elites from the financial field, scientists and researchers in the field of cutting-edge technology and product experts in the Internet field, and establishing joint laboratories with several top universities at home and abroad (e.g. MIT, National University of Singapore, Tsinghua University, etc.) to promote the deep application of cutting-edge technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and blockchain in the financial field.

As the innovation precursor of Finance One, the Institute of Artificial Intelligence focuses on the innovation direction of "technology innovation + financial application", and builds core scientific research capabilities and industry-leading engineering application capabilities in the financial field from the deep application of big data and artificial intelligence in the financial field. Gama AI Institute will continue to leverage the expertise of its staff with an open and win-win concept, promote the implementation of innovations, expand the scope of services for technological achievements, and help internal and external partners realize the smart finance strategy.

Gamma Lab is an innovative research team under Ping An Group's Financial One, with dozens of top experts in big data, artificial intelligence and other fields, dedicated to promoting the application of cutting-edge technology in the financial sector.

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