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Gartner releases top 10 tech trends for 2018: artificial intelligence will be "ubiquitous"

Gartner, a U.S.-based information technology research and advisory firm, has released its Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends Forecast for 2018. The firm's executive partner, Peiyuan Gong, read the report to reporters in Beijing on 11 November, describing how artificial intelligence, digital virtual worlds and other technologies will continue to disrupt people's lives and imaginations in 2018.

The first three of the top 10 technology trends predicted by the Gartner report are all related to AI technology, which has been a big hit in recent years: artificial intelligence foundations, intelligent applications and analytics, and smart objects. The report predicts that by 2020, 30 percent of CIOs at global companies will include AI in their top five priority investment areas, and 30 percent of new corporate developments will introduce AI technology.

Gong Peiyuan believes that artificial intelligence is still in the concept hype stage in 2016, the Application-grade products started to settle down in 2017 and will enter an application explosion in 2018 with a large number of truly smart applications. For example, he said that in the future, a few large enterprises will develop their own algorithms; most enterprises will introduce a suite of software and services for AI technology to plan enterprise resources and optimize management processes; and ordinary consumers will increasingly use AI products such as smart home robots and smart voice boxes.

The Gartner report predicts four strategic technology trends in 2018 that describe the "blending of the digital and physical worlds" and will continue to disrupt people's productive habits. They are Digital Twins, Cloud to Edge, Conversational Platforms and Immersive Experiences.

The digital twin is the digital simulation of recreating a real operational environment, made possible by developments in artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. In the future, enterprises, governments and other organizations can run simulations to "predict" the outcome of a decision and optimize it to improve the effectiveness of the decision.

From the cloud to the edge describes the idea of the future technology architecture. "In recent years, cloud computing is hot, but in fact we see that the cloud has not replaced everything, traditional servers, mobile phones and other smart hardware still has its irreplaceable specialties," Gong Peiyuan pointed out that in the face of massive amounts of information, processing, content collection and delivery are done in the proximity of the source of information, the need to make decisions about which data is processed by the front end in a timely manner, which upload to the cloud data center, "stop believing that everything is happening in the cloud. "

Conversational platforms and immersive experiences provide a glimpse into the future of human-computer interaction. Gong Peiyuan pointed out that a major paradigm shift will be "from people interpreting intentions and initiating instructions to machines, to machines actively making suggestions to people", for example, smart objects in the home will automatically run appliances based on analysis of the owner's habits, cars will actively remind owners when it's time for maintenance and repairs, and smartphones can even analyze the user's emotions through face recognition and make a wide range of suggestions from entertainment to ordering food.

Gartner's predicted strategic tech trends for 2018 also include event-driven, blockchain, and new information security concepts.

The report predicts that a scenario-based, event-driven business model is likely to emerge in 2018 that is more proactive than the established command-driven model. In the takeaway industry, for example, a restaurant may change its order to suggest "what you should eat today" based on multiple information such as the customer's taste, mood and weather. "

The report argues that 2018 could see how strong the landing of blockchain, which was so hot in 2017, really is.

Based on the top 10 strategic technology trends in 2018, Gong Peiyuan predicts that Chinese companies may achieve breakthroughs in the field of scenario applications and business models faster, and are expected to continue to lead the world in both quantity and innovation.

(Source of this article: Artificial Intelligence Robotics Alliance)

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