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Geek Weekly radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 2)Google may return to the mainland, game addiction is a disease, traffic roaming fees abolished...

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Google makes moves in China, may return to mainland

During the 618 mid-year e-commerce promotion a few days ago, Google announced that it will invest $550 million in Jingdong, and the two companies will form a broad strategic partnership to work together on their e-commerce business.

On the following June 19, the "Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum and Google Art and Culture Project" collaboration was officially launched. Specific collaborations include: the Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum's collection of fine art - 100 pieces of fine art from the collection online; about 200 selected works of Chinese painting, oil painting, calligraphy and drawing by Mr. Xu Beihong, as well as documentation; Art Camera 1 billion pixel images, first phase online: 27 works. Includes 12 of Mr. Xu Beihong's most important works and 15 representative works from the collection of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (27 pieces are included in the 100 pieces from the collection of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and 200 pieces of Xu Beihong's works).

In the previous months even more in the development of the cloud computing field, the establishment of a large data center cloud platform in the Hong Kong region.

These are just a few of the recent examples I gave, and it's easy to see that Google has never given up on this international market in mainland China since it exited the mainland market back then. I believe that the day of Google's full return to the mainland is not too far away as China's opening-up strategy to the outside world gets bigger and bigger.

Xiaomi stock symbol announced: 1810

This morning, Xiaomi CEO assistant @Xiaomi Chen Xi announced on Weibo that Xiaomi's Hong Kong stock code is 1810, and showed a photo of Lei Jun signing it. So, why did Xiaomi use 1810 as its ticker symbol? What's the special meaning of this number? There's actually a special meaning behind this.

It is understood that 1810 represents when Xiaomi was launched and when it was founded, respectively.

The news comes after news that Xiaomi founder Lei Jun will hold an official press conference for the global offering in Hong Kong on June 23 and start the offering on June 25.

It is reported that Xiaomi will officially land on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 9, and will issue 2,179,585,000 shares priced in the range of HK$17 to HK$22 per share.

I wonder if MiFans will get into a wave of this first youth stock by then?

Three major carriers to abolish traffic roaming charges from July

On June 22, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom announced today that they will abolish the "roaming" traffic charges from July 1, 2018. Upgrade provincial traffic to domestic traffic for new and existing users (Excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).

In this year's government work report, it is pointed out that the fees for home broadband, business broadband and dedicated lines should be significantly reduced, the "roaming charges" for traffic should be abolished, and traffic tariffs for mobile networks should be reduced by at least 30 per cent within a year, so that the public and enterprises can benefit effectively.

I guess that when July, the three major operators will definitely launch new discount packages for this change, so you can wait for a wave if you want to change your package.

"Game addiction" is classified as a "mental illness"

On June 18, the Global Times' Global Network quoted a Taiwanese media source as saying that the World Health Organization (WHO) had decided to include game addiction as a mental illness earlier this year, and that "the relevant regulations will take effect from 19, and WHO will notify governments around the world to include game addiction in the medical system".

However, according to an official press release issued by WHO on June 18, the 11th edition of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11), which adds gaming disorder to the chapter on addictive disorders, will only be submitted to the World Health Assembly for final approval by Member States in May next year, and will only come into effect on January 1, 2022.

Although it is a draft, it is still not difficult to see how the game is harmful to the underage group, no, Tencent, a famous game company in China, reacted to the news immediately after.

Tencent Games: cap on underage daily spending

On June 20, Tencent Games announced the launch of a new service called "Game Consumption Reminder for Minors" and received positive concerns and inquiries from a wide range of users. Now, in response to the four questions that we are most concerned about, Tencent Games has provided further answers.

Q: The current threshold for notification amount is set at $500 for a single day, is this too high?

A: Through the results of the 300,000-user consultation and feedback since mid-2017, we have learned that the perception of "high spending" varies by region and by household. At the same time, given the current bias in the overall accuracy of judgments, we have adopted a notification standard of $500 for the current pilot phase to avoid excessive disruption to users. In the future, as the overall judgment accuracy rate continues to improve and the size of our dedicated customer service team continues to grow, we will explore the possibility of further reducing the notification criteria based on user feedback during actual service.

Q: How does Tencent determine suspected minors?

A: We will make an initial determination based on the user's real name information. At the same time, considering the possibility of minors stealing their parents' identity information for gaming, a comprehensive assessment will also be made in conjunction with some behavioral characteristics of the suspected minors (such as living, studying and other work and rest patterns). At the initial stage of service launch, there may be some bias in the judgment of suspected minors, and we will continue to improve and optimize based on the feedback from our users.

Q: How will parents be contacted for high spending on suspected underage games?

A: Considering the possibility of minors stealing their parents' payment accounts for game spending without their parents' knowledge, Tencent's customer service team will try to actively contact the owner of the payment account via WeChat or phone to remind and confirm the relevant spending according to the contact information left in the payment account. During this process, if the user does not leave a valid contact information, it will possibly result in not receiving alerts. In this piece, we will also continue to optimize and make continuous improvements to the reach channels.

Q: What is the purpose of this service that you have introduced? A: This service, which is currently in trial operation, together with the previously launched Growing Up Guardian platform, the health system, and some other related theories and technical studies, constitutes Tencent's service system for protecting minors' healthy Internet access. We hope to further guide minors to develop the habit of moderate entertainment and rational consumption, and maintain a good balance between life, study and entertainment through continuous active attempts and exploration. As a brand new service, we are aware of the difficulties and challenges involved in launching "Underage Game Spending Alert". We also sincerely hope that through our continuous efforts, we can work together with parents and the community to protect the healthy growth of all minors.

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