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Geek Weeklyradical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 2)Hacker buys $8 million in gold jewelry for $1, Drip restricts same-sex passengers at night, 5G first version out...

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90-year-old hacker buys $8 million worth of gold jewelry for $1

According to media reports, the Public Security Bureau of Hubei Province disclosed a case of hacking a shopping platform and cheating gold and diamonds worth more than 8 million yuan with 106 yuan.

In November last year, the Public Security Bureau of Anlu City, Hubei Province, received a report that a hacker had attacked a shopping platform and placed 106 orders for one dollar during the week of October 17 to 24, buying more than 8 million yuan worth of gold, bracelets, loose diamonds and other valuable goods.

It is reported that this hacker took the attack on the backend, only $1 per payment, but let the backend system think that it paid the corresponding tens of thousands of dollars of goods, the order through the audit and shipping. The online shopping platform uses month-end billing, so it was not discovered until November.

Due to the long interval between the hack and the report, and the hacker used multiple virtual identities, the police moved around more than a dozen provinces and cities, investigating the data information of more than 20 banks. Then after a long investigation and evidence, the task force police finally arrested Zhang in Shenzhen.

On May 9, Zhang confessed to the location of the stolen goods stash. The same day, the police rushed to Zhang's old home, under the roof tiles seized 20 kilograms of gold products and loose diamonds and other valuables, many of these items are not even unpacked bags, have been seized in full.

It's a true testament to the saying " Heaven's net is wide meshed, but nothing escapes it (idiom, from Laozi 73). "What an old saying.

New rules for dropshippers: limited to same-sex passengers at night

On June 13, Drip issued an announcement saying that it would partially resume some of its night-time ride-hailing orders on June 15, allowing only owners and passengers of the same gender to share a ride for safety reasons.

It is reported that DDT will be partially restored on June 15 some of the night time period orders (specific open time period for, 22:00 a 24:00 and 05:00 a 06:00).

Currently, for the above two night-time hitchhiking orders, only owners and passengers of the same gender will be allowed to share the trip, i.e. male owners will pick up male passengers and female owners will pick up female passengers.

In addition, the drop said it has entrusted Beijing Global Law Firm with full custody of the 1 million yuan trail funds, follow-up communication with the trail providers and bonus payment.

Bitcoin drops three days in a row, biggest drop in three months

On Sunday, the price of bitcoin fell for three straight days, the biggest drop in three months, after a small South Korean trading platform suffered a "cyber breach". Bitcoin prices have fallen by as much as about 50% cumulatively so far this year, coinciding with a massive wave of cryptocurrency sell-offs.

The price of bitcoin had fallen to around $6,626 by early Monday morning Beijing time, the biggest drop since March 14, according to data from digital asset platform OKEx. Ether prices fell 14% to 531 and Litecoin prices fell more than 11% to about $107. Other major cryptocurrency prices also fell. It is understood that from June 9 to June 11, the cryptocurrency market capitalization evaporated about 45 billion, of which the evaporation near June 10 contributed 20 billion of evaporation value, the crypto market experienced a new round of decline.

The first international 5G standard is officially out

On June 13, 2018 at 20:18 San Diego time (June 14, 2018 at 11:18 BST), the 3GPP plenary session (TSG#80) approved the fifth-generation mobile technology standard (5G NR) standalone networking feature freeze, marking the official release of the first truly complete international 5G standard.

The SA standard freeze not only makes 5G NR capable of standalone deployment, but also brings a new end-to-end new architecture that empowers enterprise customers and vertical industries to be smart, and brings new business models for operators and industrial partners.

Two years ago, 5G was just a vision or even a hype to everyone, but with the completion of the Rel- 15 standard, 3GPP has made 5G possible in a short time," said Georg Mayer, Chair of 3GPP TSG CT. "

Hackers: not B site employees and delete A site leaked database

A few days ago, the official announcement of Station A said that it was attacked by hackers, resulting in the leakage of nearly 10,000 pieces of user data. Subsequently, Station A has taken a number of steps to remedy the situation.

What I didn't expect was that the hacker who had threatened to disclose the leaked user information of Station A in stages posted that he decided to unconditionally delete the database out of sincerity of Station A's customer service and love for the secondary world.

In the post, the hacker promises that he does not intend to sell any more data or exploits about Site A, and that the database has not previously been sold to anyone. Interestingly, the hacker also stressed that he is not a B-site employee and cried for love and care, hoping someone would donate ETH.

In response, some users said that this hacker friend is afraid he's here to be funny!

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