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Geek Weeklyradical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 2)Unmanned heavy trucks complete first test, Zuckerberg pushes FB court, Win10 out of bricking bug...

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Unmanned logistics heavy truck completes first test

On the 24th, the first logistics driverless heavy-duty truck completed its first global test in Shanghai. This is of great significance to the logistics industry and will significantly reduce logistics costs. So, are the old drivers going to lose their jobs?

It is understood that this logistics unmanned heavy truck named "line dragon one", is jointly launched by Suning Logistics and Zhijia Technology. The unmanned heavy truck, which can carry 40 tons, can plan its route automatically, avoid obstacles autonomously and park itself precisely. The unmanned heavy truck can reach 80 km/h, identify obstacles from 300 meters away and react quickly within 25 milliseconds.

During the road test, the unmanned heavy truck took the emergency stop when it encountered a sudden pedestrian, with the skill of a veteran driver. According to the vice president of Suning Logistics Research Institute, the cost of a complete retrofit of such a vehicle is no more than $10,000.

However, it is worth noting that, as China's current regulations do not yet allow driverless vehicles on the road, logistics unmanned heavy trucks can only be tested in closed logistics parks and test sites.

App Store refuses to list Steam Link app

May 25 - Valve, which runs the famous Steam's game distribution platform, has previously released news that it will launch the Steam Link app on May 21 on IOS and Android platforms, enabling the streaming of PC games on mobile tablets.

While the beta version of the Steam Link app is currently available on Google Play, the IOS version of Steam Link is still not available. Valve said today that Apple has denied approval for the app to hit shelves, citing "business conflicts with App Guide.

Valve says it has appealed and explained that the Steam Link app only acts as a 'LAN-based remote desktop' and points to many other similar apps, however Apple still rejected the appeal.

Zuckerberg to build Facebook court

After several rounds of hearings bombarding it with torture, Facebook has proposed several protections against data breaches. Facebook founder Zuckerberg said Thursday at the VivaTech conference in Paris that he wanted to build a "Supreme Court"-like body for Facebook, according to foreign media reports.

The so-called "Supreme Court" is actually a complaints body that addresses the issue of user content being taken offline by Fb. Zuckerberg said "this body may not be made up of people who are employed by Facebook, but it needs to have a good understanding of the policies and principles we want to promote in our community. "

This means that if a user is unhappy that their content has been taken down by Facebook, then they can go through a process similar to a legal appeal to resolve the issue.

At the VivaTech conference, Za reiterated the comments he made during his testimony at the European Parliament. He believes that users should have full control over whether or not they delete their online data and history, but they also need to be prepared for a poorer online experience if their data history is deleted. He stressed, "The news stream sorting may get worse when a user's data history at Facebook is deleted, but it's ultimately a choice that users themselves need to make. "

Lenovo Completes Acquisition of Fujitsu Personal PCs

At the end of October last year, the Japanese media released news that Lenovo would acquire Fujitsu's PC business, which means that Fujitsu's personal PC business was acquired by Lenovo and incorporated under its umbrella, which would be beneficial for the latter to better secure its market share.

Now, Lenovo has made a public announcement that they have completed the acquisition of Fujitsu's personal PC business, and that it has purchased a 51% stake in FCCL from Fujitsu for a transaction consideration of 178. 500 million yen (equivalent to about 1 billion yuan).

According to IDC's previous data, Lenovo PC global market share was 21.6% as of Q3 2017, plus roughly 4% for Fujitsu, and Lenovo + Fujitsu combined share is estimated to be around 25%, making it the de facto global number one.

Lenovo is also said to be interested in Fujitsu's mobile phone business, but it's not confirmed if it's finally picked up no.

avast has a bug that causes Win10 PCs to brick

Win10 in April an updated version, recently exposed a fairly serious bug, after upgrading completely unable to enter the desktop, direct black screen, safe mode is also unable to enter, hit want to restore can not, only reinstall the system.

Some users suspect that the antivirus software avast is not compatible with the new version of the system, but avast issued a statement saying that after research did not find any bugs affecting the Windows 10 system update, and has nothing to do with itself.

The Microsoft side has always remained silent, did not give any explanation, but yesterday Microsoft once suspended the push to avast users Windows 104 month update, which is equivalent to direct confirmation of the problem or from avast.

As expected! avast now admits that after an in-depth analysis in collaboration with Microsoft, it was finally confirmed that the problem was caused by his home software.

An engineer from avast said in the official forums, "We worked with Microsoft to discover that a change in the Windows 101803 update was incompatible with avast Behavior Sheild (the behavior protection component), causing the update to fail in some cases, including timing issues, network connectivity issues, etc. "

avast has released a fix patch that will automatically do the update, upgrade the VPS version number to 180524-08, and then upgrade Windows 104 monthly update after that and you won't get bricked.

If you have upgraded to a brick and don't want to reinstall your system, you can try making a Windows 104 monthly update as a boot USB drive or CD and upgrade it once more in place, which will fix the problem and not cause file and data loss.

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