Geeklp Update Plan for 2018

Over the past year, I haven't updated my articles much in several media outlets, not because I'm lazy and don't update, but this issue has never been able to be addressed well. Writing something from a computer professional's point of view is not so well understood by non-computer professionals. Writing from the perspective of the masses is read, but it lacks professionalism, and these types of articles read themselves with a sense of tastelessness, pleasing the reader and losing themselves. With around 100 articles of all kinds written in the last year, most of the later articles focused on professional, technical aspects and were not concentrated on a particular media outlet.

In the blink of an eye we welcome 2018. After much deliberation, a little change had to be made for 2018.

I. Whenever you learn and practice a technique, you should summarize and share it with a professional perspective, without using article views and click-through rates as a guide. It is important to share and summarize in a way that takes into account a wide range of lay people and try to present the issues in plain language.

II. All learning, work, and career planning is centered on operations and maintenance, with clear goals, keeping up with the cutting edge of technology, and small dynamic adjustments.

(1) On the system side, the two main directions are system operation and maintenance and cloud computing (now and in the future, we will focus our efforts on deepening the work). In terms of programming languages, the two main languages are Python 3.X (system operations and maintenance) and C# (desktop applications, web development), supplemented by Bash Shell for system operations and maintenance. The choice of two programming languages, Python and C#, was talked about in my previous article. All of these things have been learned or used by myself, and the purpose of sharing them is just to enhance the understanding, practice, and summary again. All of this section will be tightly focused on the 2 diagrams below (the original diagrams can be found on my GitHub).

Figure 1

Figure 2

(2) Computer networks are also important to me. I have had little contact with this area since I graduated, and most of the things I have studied are almost completely forgotten.

(3) Database Although I have been exposed to Oracle for more than 2 years, I still have to learn and practice mainly MySQL. SQLServer This was purposely learned back in the day and may be used in the learning process of C#, say again? It may also be possible to learn the NoSQL side of things for work purposes as well, but those aren't the point anymore.

(4) At present, there are more hardware and storage devices in contact, and they all have the opportunity to practice, but there is less sharing and summarizing about this aspect, and we will strengthen this aspect in the future.

III. All content is hands-on based. Start with the concepts and principles and then start practicing further, aiming to understand the technical principles and details as you go along. For content that will be convenient for everyone, try to present it in a simple text and friendly UI. For the code, try to make it so that anyone can take it over and use it. All relevant code will be shared on my GitHub. The articles are mainly updated on the CSDN blog, and there are currently over 60 original articles.

IV. With plenty of energy, will continue to keep up with the cutting edge of technology and spend time studying machine learning, data analytics and all that. Will share some algorithms, concepts, principles and stuff like that.

We should prioritize everything, not make a blind fuss, not waste energy and time randomly, and spend two years to completely transform ourselves and gradually reach our ideal and realize our life value. It's the best of times, and the worst of times! In 2018, may all of you finally submit a satisfactory answer to yourself and repay your hard work and perseverance with a full harvest. Finally, I'll share my GitHub and CSDN addresses. For those of you who have any questions about the areas I cover, there is an answer.


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