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Getting Started with Siemens: Don't Lose at the Starting Line

Siemens STEP7 Installation Tutorial

Note: STEP7 V5.5 can only be installed on WIN7, WIN10 is not supported!!! Currently WIN10 installs STEP7 all using a virtual machine.

In the past teaching process, many students often ask me to install Siemens PLC software when learning Siemens PLC, some directly bring the computer to the classroom, some bring it to my office, and some even ask me to go to the dormitory to install (mostly desktop computers), although I am happy to do so, but because of the lack of time often can not guarantee that I can meet every time they ask. So I used the weekend to uninstall SETP7 on my home computer and then reinstall this software, and in the process of taking screenshots, some of them weren't very satisfying, so I reinstalled and reinstalled and took screenshots again. Although I still got it a few times, I hope readers will forgive me if I inevitably slip up again.

The first thing to emphasize is that there are three main categories of Siemens PLCs in the teaching process: one is the S7-200 (S7-200 SMART) series listed as the main, the programming software for this type of PLC is independent and not practical for this tutorial; the second is the S7-300/400 series mainly, and is the focus of this tutorial. The third category is the S7-1200/1500 series-based, practical Protherm TIA software, and a tutorial on the installation of this software will be produced later.

I. Phase I

II. Phase II

III. Phase III

Finally, we send you the Siemens PLC software installation package (including software + emulator + license)

Link: Password: we3o

If you like it, you can follow the public number and push some new applications and operation methods from time to time, or you can leave a comment below to create some learning tutorials according to your needs and learn and progress together.

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