Given an app, how will you test it?

In my day-to-day work, I've boiled down how to test an app well to simply the following.

(1) Functional testing

Every new feature developed needs to be tested。app Functional testing is an important aspect of testing。 Testers should be expected to perform manual testing and post-automation test maintenance。 When we first started testing, The tester must take theapp look upon as" black box" Manual testing as usual, See if the functionality provided is correct and works as designed。 In addition to classic software testing, Like clicking a button、 Submit an order and see what happens, The tester must also perform additional functions ofapp test (machinery etc)。

In addition to the entire manual testing process, test automation is also important for mobile apps. Every code change or new feature may affect existing features and their status. Often manual regression testing is not enough time, so testers have to find a tool to automate regression testing. There are many automated testing tools on the market today, both commercial and open source, for various different platforms such as Android, iPhone, WindowsPhone7, BlackBerry and mobile webapp. Depending on the development strategy and structure, QM test specialists need to identify the most appropriate automation tool for their environment.

(2) Client-side performance testing

How well an app does is not just a reaction to the features alone. The performance of the app under test on a low to mid-range machine is also important. For example: a very fun game or app that only runs smoothly on a high-end machine and gets stuck on a low- to mid-range machine won't achieve good word of mouth.

Regarding the performance test of the app, the parameters we are more concerned about are: CPU, RAM, power consumption, traffic, and FPS. You also need to keep an eye on the app's installation time and startup time.

One of the more confusing questions people may have at the moment is how high of a CPU, RAM, power consumption, traffic, and FPS is considered to be in line with the published values? Here you can tell that you can refer to some of the values of boutique games and compare the data of your own developed app with the app data of the best in the industry.

(3) Adaptation and compatibility testing

After the App has been tested for functionality, it also needs to be tested for adaptation compatibility The main items that need to be checked are the following.

(a) Proper installation, pull-up, click-up and uninstallation on models with different flat cards.

(b) Whether the installation, pull-up, click-through and uninstallation on different operating systems are working properly.

In our practical testing, we often encounter the following problems.

(a) The app could not be installed on a particular system on a particular flat.

(b) The app could not be pulled up on a particular system on a particular flat.

(c) On a particular system on a particular flat, the app is unresponsive after pulling up or has a black or splash screen after pulling up.

(d) The app could not be uninstalled successfully on a particular system on a particular flat.

(4) Security testing

Apps are required to do detailed security testing before they go live. Security testing is mainly to detect whether the application is easy to be cracked by the outside world; whether there is a risk of being injected by malicious code; whether there is a high risk of plug-ins after going live, etc.

(5) Server performance testing

Server performance testing, mainly consisting of single-computer capacity testing and 24-hour stability testing. The stand-alone capacity test detects how many users a single server can carry with 90% of the response time and success rate being up to par. The service was pressure tested for 24 hours using a specific game model with no restarts, no memory leaks, and the success rate of each transaction was up to par.

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