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By Richard Gall

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This article presents 5 free machine learning eBooks to help get started with machine learning.

Today, machine learning has become one of the most important trends in all areas of software engineering. This technology is no longer limited to researchers and data analysts, from cybersecurity to web development machines, ware learning is vital.

To help you get started with machine learning, we've listed 5 free machine learning eBooks on Packt. You can download them all, but you'll need to register before you can download them.

1. python learning

Let's start with a disclaimer - Learning with python is not a monograph on machine learning. But there's an important reason for putting it at the top of the free ebook list: if you want to build machine learning models, Python is the key language.

If you haven't had any exposure to Python, this book will help you get started and run the language. You will find that Python is truly an intuitive and amazing programming language with the flexibility to be used to solve a variety of problems.

Covering the basics of Python, this book will give you a solid foundation before leading you into the heart of the Python application language. The book covers data science and machine learning, but will also guide you on how to use Python in your web and application development projects.

Learning in Python.

2. Python machine learning

Machine Learning in PythonOne of the best-selling machine learning books of the past decade。 There are many reasons why this book is so popular: as everyone knowsPython Fast becoming a dedicated language for machine learning, The author of the bookSebastian Raschka has been conducting machine learning andAI cutting-edge research, Be able to putPython Presented to readers in a more practical and accessible format。

This book will take you step-by-step through building a data pipeline and demonstrating how to use the most advanced machine learning and deep learning packages available today, such as scikit-learn and TensorFlow. For everyone learning machine learning and AI, Machine Learning in Python is a great addition to a learning program.

Machine Learning in Python

3. Python Deep Learning

Deep learning is the foreword area of machine learning. Simply put, deep learning is machine learning with added complexity and sophistication that can be used to implement different forms of artificial intelligence.

Deep Learning in Python adds more detailed deep learning-related content to the existing knowledge of Python and machine learning, and can be applied to different areas such as image recognition and game development.

Deep Learning in Python

4. Artificial Intelligence and Python

The hype around AI has reached fever pitch and has entered the public domain, affecting all walks of life, including politics.

Any of the free ebooks we recommend here will help you to see through the hype and really start exploring how to apply deep learning and artificial intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence and Python is certainly one of the most appropriate. The book introduces more advanced concepts that will test your existing knowledge and skills. The purpose of this book is to show you how to get the most out of your AI system.

This means you learn not only programming concepts and techniques to implement AI, but also applied practices to help you build your own presentations, text recognition systems, and more.

Artificial Intelligence and Python.

5. Advanced Python Machine Learning

If you're still looking for a tutorial that will challenge you and push you to improve, Advanced Python Machine Learning will lead you to the most cutting-edge techniques in the field. This book will not only help you develop better machine learning solutions in Python, but will also help you understand the language in more detail. In return, you'll get a better grasp of the world's fastest growing language.

Advanced Machine Learning in Python

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