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Global AI rush accelerates Silicon Valley giants' restructuring to replicate "Baidu model"

Silicon Valley tech giants are kicking off a new round of corporate reform, in Microsoft and Google have announced the restructuring plan, people are surprised to find that the two American giants have almost chosen the same direction of reform, that is, to reorganize the company into two major platforms of core business and innovative technology. What's more interesting is that the US giant appears to be "taking a page from the book" of Chinese companies - Lu Qi's string of changes to Baidu over the past year is becoming a benchmark for Microsoft and Google.

Baidu has clearly transformed into an artificial intelligence company in 2017, and divided the business into "main channel and moat", shouting the slogan "solid mobile foundation, win the AI era". Baidu Search focuses on its traditional core business, which provides a stable revenue contribution to the company, while the innovative business enabled by AI technology opens up the future for Baidu. After the adjustment, Baidu renewed a new vitality, search and other core strengths continue to consolidate, but also in the Chinese stocks are not strong in the year, refreshing their own history in the NASDAQ high, regained the favor of investors, especially in the AI technology commercialization of the speedy landing let people see the elephant turned huge potential.

The major structural adjustment in Microsoft and Google, and last year began to adjust the strategy all in AI "Baidu model" is the same. The restructuring of Google's corporate structure, just announced on April 3, saw it split its search and AI businesses into two separate divisions, making all AI initiatives easier to manage in an integrated manner and the search business more focused, very similar to Baidu's adjustments last year. And this is the second time in a year that Google has gone after Baidu on a major matter, with Google setting up a Feed stream below the classic search box in the search app last July, when the Baidu stream business had become a new growth attraction with AI empowerment.

Microsoft's major structural reorganization also reflects a higher emphasis on the smart business and the combination of hardware and software - Baidu set up a smart life business group earlier this year, consisting of Baidu's "DouSecretary Division", Baidu's "Hardware Ecology Channel Department" and "Raven Studio Studio", with Lu Qi personally in charge. According to foreign media reports, Microsoft will set up the "experience and devices" department and "cloud and artificial intelligence platform", respectively, led by two executive vice presidents, while the original Windows and devices department will be dismantled, the director left. After the realignment, Microsoft will focus on growing more and windows will become a part of the company and not be the focus as it was in the past.

Like Baidu, the corporate restructuring of Silicon Valley giants such as Microsoft and Google have clarified their future strategic focus on maintaining a smooth push for their traditional businesses, i.e., elevating the strategic position of AI in the company and placing more emphasis on the role of hardware and portals in the new technology revolution.

Chinese technology companies that used to transform themselves by importing the Silicon Valley model are now not only relying on technological innovation to conquer the global market, but also becoming the object of imitation by Silicon Valley companies with their own model innovation and forward-looking strategic adjustments. In recent years, the tech industry is experiencing a new century of iteration, with the advances in AI and the emergence of commercialization prospects, leaving many traditional tech giants feeling the pressure to transform. Across the ocean, Microsoft, founded 43 years ago, and Google, founded 20 years ago, are even higher, while the same technology giant Baidu is the first to adjust to prepare for the upcoming more intense business war on talent, technology and organizational structure.

As a forerunner, Baidu has made significant adjustments this year, and the Apollo ecosystem partner size has exceeded 90, making it the most open, complete and powerful autonomous driving ecology in the world, and will achieve mass production of autonomous driving in 2018. DuerOS has become a leader in the smart home ecology, with related smart device activations exceeding 50 million and the cumulative number of Q&A questions reaching 2.4 billion, already demonstrating huge commercial value. And the Baidu AI Open Platform has access to 500,000 developers and serves more than 500,000 enterprise-level customers. Baidu has become one of the best choices in the upgrade of artificial intelligence in Chinese and global enterprises, accumulating strong momentum for the next industrial development of artificial intelligence.

In the U.S. Fortune magazine a few years ago, the world's top four artificial intelligence, Baidu and Microsoft, Google are listed among them, and in Baidu nearly a year after the radical restructuring of the structure, the pattern of AI technology commercialization landing more and more clear, and continue to solidify the first-mover advantage. Microsoft and Google replicate the "Baidu model" this time, but also in the field of AI will certainly speed up the fierce global competition also announced the arrival of the AI era, whether the two countries trade war head-on, or Baidu Microsoft Google in the AI commercialization process of the first to grab the position, all make this industrial upgrading and technology competition more exciting, China and the United States in the end who can grasp the historical process? Let's wait and see.

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