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Global Blockchain Guangzhou Technology Summit Heavy Dialogue on Superconductor Chain

On May 29, " 2018 'Zone Move World Link Future' Global Blockchain Technology and Application Summit" held a unique and valuable dialogue about blockchain in Guangzhou.

Superconductor Chain, as the only officially certified technical team at this event, had an in-depth exchange and sharing with many blockchain project technical teams.

Conversation topic: What exactly is a superconducting chain? How does it work? What value is generated? How does it differ from other blockchain projects? What's the future of superconducting chains?

Conversation with guest. Yang Dong (Professor and Vice Dean of the Law School of Renmin University of China), Zhu Youping (Researcher at the State Information Center, Deputy Bureau Level), Jack Westover (Incubator of China-Israel Science and Technology Innovation Center, CEO of Guangzhou October Investment Management Co., Ltd.), Chen Xiaohua (Director of National Institute of Finance, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications), Summer (Founder of Superconductor Chain, CEO of Superconductor Chain Foundation), Qin Wenyan (Chairman of North American Blockchain Fund, Canada), and others.

For industry nerds, the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning blockchain is Bitcoin, which actually generates a collector's value and does not involve a mechanism for integrating with the real or even financial economy. This is why many blockchain projects are put on the speculation of coins, and it is because the coins are rising and falling that the so-called applicants of blockchain have become "leeks" or even "chives".

After one industry reshuffle, blockchain technology is maturing faster than many people imagine, and the underlying technology of blockchain that the people can see and feel is maturing at a high speed, however, the innovative birth of superconductor chain means that the 3.0 era of blockchain has really arrived.

I. What exactly is a superconducting chain?

When you understand blockchain, it's good to understand the superconductor chain, and if blockchain is a black technology, then the task of the superconductor chain is to make this mysterious black technology clear. We develop and build a stable and easy-to-use underlying technology platform, and promote the rapid implementation of this technology at the business level to reflect its potential and value. We balance innovation and stability in the process of building the underlying technology platform, and balance the relationship between "disruptive" technology and "practical" business, and design and implement flexible, efficient, reliable and secure parallel computing and parallel scalability on the architecture of the underlying blockchain platform. This allows users to achieve the performance they need by simply adding machines based on the actual needs of their business scenario, which is a more thorough solution to the performance problem from theory to practice. Superconducting chains are horizontally scalable multi-chain architectures for parallel computing based on this concept.

Second, how do superconducting chains work?

The superconducting chain uses a 1+N multi-chain structure, i.e., an architecture of one main chain and N federated chains, with indirect or direct interactions between the main chain and the federated chains. The main chain data is separated from the federated chain data, and the static and dynamic ledgers coexist; Diversified consensus mechanism in parallel, the main chain adopts Pow+Pos consensus, the alliance chain can choose LDPOS, PBFT, RAFT consensus mechanism according to the scenario, innovative development and application of isomorphic multi-chain architecture, so that it provides efficient and reliable storage and transaction guarantee for users in the technical substrate, while users provide convenient access services, superconductor chain design superconductor blockchain according to the actual situation.

Third, what kind of value does the superconducting chain generate?

Superconductor Alliance Chain single chain performance, when processing payment transactions, measured in 4 cores 8G memory linux platform about 800 ~ 1200 strokes / second, depending on the machine performance. When the main chain is based on the Pow+pos consensus mechanism, it is processing payment transactions with concurrent estimates of about 25 to 40 transactions/second. According to the business requirements of the payment scenario, one in a thousand or even one in ten thousand requires public chain notarization, which can support about 25,000~40,000 transactions/second by one in a thousand.

Of course the main chain can also use a consensus method like DPOS to consensus in the mode of super nodes, and the consensus efficiency can be increased to about 800~1200 pens/second, and the concurrency of multiple federated chains can reach 800000~1200000 pens/second.

But we believe that the main chain is a public chain, a decentralized public chain, not just a polycentric system backend, in the superconducting chain to eliminate the monopoly of arithmetic power, open to all, every node of the main chain can participate in consensus mining successfully regardless of whether they hold coins to get rewards.

Similarly, the superconductor chain enables us to go to a blockchain application of shared computing with millions of enterprises participating at the same time in real life, and also many startup teams and large enterprises have gone to develop vertical applications on such a master chain, then the direct benefits it generates, or the contribution to the rational allocation of resources, etc. is huge and unprecedented.

IV. How is Superconductor Chain different from other blockchain projects?

Difference I. Superconductor chain is the beginning of a new technological revolution in blockchain. Compared with a group of "three-nothing" air coins (no faith, no code, no real execution team, relying on the Internet to spread around the world, bringing the bubble of the whole industry) that exist in the market, superconductor chain is hard and practical in terms of technical intention (landing and serving entities), technical execution and operation team.

Distinction II. Transaction confirmed in seconds

For transaction confirmation on public chains, Ether recommends 6 blocks before deciding on final consistency, which takes about 1½ to 2 minutes, plus end-of-net latency, which takes about 5 minutes or more, compared to about an hour for 6 confirmations for Bitcoin.

And if a user pays with a superconductor chain affiliate coin, the confirmation time will be in seconds or even milliseconds. A fallen chain is the final consistency and needs to wait for 6 confirmations, as the consensus mechanism of the federated chain can be non-forking.

Distinction III. Serving the real economy

*High concurrency support (see specifically paper III)

*Corporate privacy protection. Superconductor respects the ownership of user data, the right to privacy. Provide a variety of data encryption, multi-chain data isolation and other ways to protect the security of user data, solving the worries of business data.

*Value Free Liquidation. Superconductor serves the Alliance by providing convenient settlement services for assets within the Alliance and free asset clearing services within and across the Alliance through the Superconductor Exchange.

V. Prospects for the development of superconducting chains

*From the demand side. Finance, healthcare, notary public, communications, supply chain, domain names, voting, and other fields are beginning to realize the importance of superconducting chains and are beginning to experiment with the technology to interface with the real world.

*In terms of market applications. The superconducting chain will be a marketplace tool that will help society cut platform costs, make intermediaries a thing of the past, and prompt a shift in the focus of the company's existing business model that is expected to accelerate the growth of the business.

*In terms of social structure. Superconducting chain technology is expected to integrate law and economics and completely disrupt the regulatory model of the previous society; Organizational patterns will change as a result, and superconducting chains may eventually lead the way to a distributed, autonomous society.

To sum up: the technology of superconductor chain is far faster than many experts' predictions for the evolution of blockchain technology, 2018, 2019 may be a superconductor golden period for the people to see and feel the landing and take root.

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