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With the global update and development of AI technology, the development of AI industry has witnessed an explosive period. From traditional manufacturing to strategic emerging industries, from front-end consumer interaction to back-end supply chain management, many international and domestic well-known enterprises have laid out artificial intelligence, and the industry presents an immeasurable development charm. How will artificial intelligence bring changes and upgrades to all industries? The "China Artificial Intelligence Innovation Summit" and RoboCom Youth Artificial Intelligence Programming Challenge with the theme of "Building Dreams of Artificial Intelligence, Leading Technology Innovation" will reveal to you!

Robocom Youth Artificial Intelligence Programming Challenge

Time : 5 - 7 January 2018

Location Guangzhou Qidian Zhonghai Science and Technology Park

Organizers : Chinese Communications Society

Supported by : Guangdong Science and Technology Association

union Organizers

Guangdong Communications Association

RoboCom International Open Organizing Committee


Guangdong Vocational and Technical Education Society

RoboCom International Open Guangzhou Organizing Committee

Guangzhou Haishang Technology Park Operation Management Co.


Guangdong Wenzhou Education Service Group

Qidian Holdings Co.

Guangdong Photovoltaic Technology Association

From January 5 to 7, more than 2,000 students from all over China gathered at the Qidian Zhonghai Science Park in Guangzhou to change the world of technology with a string of code and to continuously explore new and exciting aspects of artificial intelligence.

The children of Roberta's Robotics participated in two of the events, namely the "Super Track Race" and the "Star Trek" event.

Nakatomi Super Track Race

Star Trek Challenge

In the middle of an intense competition

Group work to explore and grow in practice


After an intense and fair evaluation, the organizing committee finally awarded the champion, third and second runner-up prizes to the winning teams of the event.

After a fierce competition, Lepeta Robotics students win awards

With every effort, the rewards are the best gifts and presents

This trophy belongs not only to the students who won the competition, but also to the instructors of Lepeta Robotics, whose hard work is essential to the children's excellent performance.

Once again, congratulations to the participants who received awards.

I hope you guys keep up the good work!

The future of artificial intelligence programming for children in the field of ,

Access to additional awards.

I also hope that other students of Lepeta Robotics,

With this as a goal.

An award for yourself and for Lepeta!

About Us

3+ Little Lego

The premise of building for 3-year-olds is mainly imitation, and in the process of building, children develop hand-eye coordination, language skills, spatial orientation, exercise the development of small muscle groups, and enrich children's life experience and building experience.

4+ Hundred Variations Project

Take what they usually observe around them and through their imagination and creativity, analyze, discuss and make useful tools with their peers to accomplish the task.

5+ Life & Technology

Build models of common tools and appliances in life and explore the scientific principles of life. For example, understanding the role of levers, axles, pulleys, gears, etc., is to build children's perceptual understanding of science, understand the ubiquity of technology in life, enhance observation will find a lot of "problems", in the process of exploring simple problems so that thinking is exercised and improved.

6+ Mini Mechanics

Most of the curriculum focuses on developing children's skills to focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics in their social lives, developing their creative skills and their ability to communicate with others.

7+ power mechanics

Children are introduced to advanced mechanics with the addition of a motor and battery box section, the use of smaller blocks and parts, and new demands on "hand" dexterity and accuracy.

8+ Wedo (programming)

The key knowledge and skills acquired are: analysis, design and programming, completion of the specified design and testing.

9+ Robotics Course

Learn about the possibilities that programs bring to machinery through building and creative design. We make "machines that run automatically"! For example, robots along trajectories, bumper cars, intelligent traffic devices, handling robots, etc. Take on the robotics competition and challenge!

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FLL, WRO, FTC Robotics Challenge

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