Goodbye 2017, hello 2018!

The rest of 2017 is but a few dozen short hours away, and I'm sure everyone has a different sentiment about 2017, which is coming to an end.

For Buyer's Helper, 2017's trajectory is like trying to prove that gravitational waves do exist, except with twists and turns and jumps, so it's also especially worth keeping in mind.

Our 2017 started with writing articles on new cars, guides, test drives, etc. In addition to running the Car Buying Assistant microsignal, we launched an app of the same name in June that closely combines new car information, car buying tools and a model database. This app is still sprinting towards becoming a hit, but it's one of our little prides of 2017.

Subsequently, more suitable for dissemination in the mobile, more information carrying capacity, more interactive short video way and began to make a variety of a thousand charming tricks to tempt us empathy, and gradually replaced the traditional graphics, become the new direction of the car buying assistant.

Then subsequently, we set up a young post-editing team, established the format of the column, and successively launched "Old Driver Support", "GO Car Shopping", "GO Car Help", "Here Comes the Car God", "Hi! CAR" and other sections, Car Buying Assistant has also completed the transition from graphics to video.

What awaits us in 2018 may still be a twisty jump, but going with the flow, producing quality content and doing our best to provide useful car buying guidance must be the foundation on which Car Buying Assistant is built.

And finally, to all of you, Happy 2018 Hong Kong and Happy New Year!

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