Google Plugin - Tampermonkey primary

By installing scripts to achieve the browser on the Baidu cloud file download does not call the client, crack Youku Tudou vip and other functions

Tampermonkey: "Goldfinger" in Chrome


It includes: easy script management, script overview, setting diversity, automatic script updates, security, compatibility, Chrome sync, CodeMirror editor, JSHint syntax checking, quick development, uninstallation and more. It's the Chrome equivalent of "Goldfinger". Did you read it and still don't know what it's for? That's okay, I don't get it either. But for me the biggest feature of this plugin is that I don't need to install software, I can download large files directly on the web at high speed! Here's how it should work.

1) Install script After installing the "Tampermonkey" plugin on your Google browser you will need to install a separate script to achieve the functionality you want. Accessed at: Type " High Speed Download Assistant" in the search box and select the first installation link to install it.

The above method still requires a wall to achieve

Install the script using the method of reference documentation. Direct Download Assistant

Baidu Batch Offline

2) Open the web link When you open a web link in Google Chrome, the "Tampermonkey" plugin icon will automatically search for the installed script, so you can download it directly.

3) Download the file After selecting the file, click [High Speed Download] - [Click Direct Download] to download the large file from the net disk without installing the Baidu Net Disk client.

Of course, the Tampermonkey plug-in has more functions than that, in addition to blocking video ads, and can crack Youku, Tudou and other VIP members to watch videos, here we will not introduce how to operate one by one, interested partners can find their own online.

Reference Document.

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