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Google co-founder: the Google has missed the opportunity to be a leader in blockchain

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google and now president of Google parent company Alphabet, participated in a panel discussion of blockchain technology leaders at a Blockchain Summit event in Morocco last weekend. During the discussion, he publicly stated that Google has missed the opportunity to be a leader in blockchain technology: "Sincerely, we have missed the opportunity to be at the forefront of the blockchain space. "

Despite Google missing the boat on laying out distributed ledger technology, Brin said blockchain technology remains a focus of Google's X Lab project: 'X Lab was set up to bring these cutting-edge ideas to life. "

In terms of his personal interest in blockchain and digital currencies, Brin admits he knows very little about cryptocurrencies. But a mining machine his son built in his spare time piqued his interest: 'A year or two ago, my son insisted that we needed a computer that could be dedicated to playing games. I told him that if we wanted such a computer, we needed to go mining for cryptocurrency first. So, we got an Ether miner and made some money with it. This thing got me interested, and from there I started to look into the technical principles behind the person and found it particularly interesting. "

Google is not doing nothing

Google's co-founder believes Google missed the boat, and in fact, Google has never slacked in leveraging blockchain technology. Citing the Wall Street Journal of Commerce, Three Words Finance reports that Google Inc. is laying out the blockchain in at least five ways, as follows.

1. Google is developing a distributed electronic ledger

Google is reportedly developing a distributed electronic ledger based on blockchain technology at this stage. The unique "distributed ledger" of blockchain technology is a significant advantage that sets it apart from other Internet technologies. According to a person familiar with Google, the current Google vigorously develop "distributed electronic ledger" the original intention, in order to support its cloud business, and to ensure the security of user data storage. It is understood that Google has started working on acquiring and investing in a number of internet companies working on distributed electronic ledgers as a way to grow Google's voice in blockchain technology and start a new round of gaming with its competitors.

2.Google will soon build a "cloud operating platform"

A few days ago, Google has begun to build a separate blockchain-based project application, and the focus is on the "immutability" of blockchain technology, so as to create a traceable ledger on the chain. According to a senior Google source, the standalone blockchain project is none other than the "Cloud Operating Platform". The spokesperson even had this to say, "[Blockchain technology], as with other new technologies as they emerge, we have people on different teams exploring potential uses for blockchain, but it is too early for us to predict any possible uses for the technology or to discuss plans for its use. "This means that this independently developed "cloud operating platform" is still a work in progress.

3. Google to build transparent and open audit review platform

It has also been reported that Google's Alphabet Group is now also anticipating the use of blockchain technology to build a transparent and open audit review platform. This news is reflected in a patent application recently published by Google, which states in the filed patent document that Google will use blockchain technology to update audit information on global data and create a "tamper-proof" log to verify that data information stored "on the chain" is not altered. The document also reportedly describes two blockchain projects that Google will be applying for: one is a "target blockchain" containing the "first signature" and the other is a verification tool for storing digital signatures built in a separate "chain structure".

4. Google to launch "cloud computing" blockchain technology development work

In addition to the above "distributed ledger", "cloud operations platform", "review and audit platform", Google is also working on supporting its "cloud computing business" based on blockchain technology. According to a Google insider, this is used to counter strong competition from the emerging startups that have followed in the Internet space and as a way to get a foothold in blockchain technology. Many companies are now scrambling to gain a foothold in the blockchain space, using "distributed ledgers," "cloud computing," and "asymmetric cryptography" to improve user data security, and Google has been a leader in this regard. If they don't take the lead in the blockchain space, they are bound to see their own combined impact from emerging companies. Therefore, the main reason why Google is implementing this strategic effort is to hog the high ground in the blockchain space.

5. Google is already planning to offer Blockchain Services

Finally, a top Google executive said in recent days that Google's cloud computing division is already preparing to intend to offer its users the current phase of Blockchain Services. Much of this is forced by the fact that there are already a growing number of emerging companies in the marketplace that specialize in blockchain technology development that are beginning to commit to offering blockchain services to users. Obviously, this is a very tempting thing for users and has caused a "crisis" for Google in the area of blockchain technology. Specifically, the "Blockchain Service" is a cutting-edge blockchain experience for users, with the ability to process assets and transactions in large volumes of stored data.

So, as an internet company giant, "missing out" on blockchain doesn't mean that Google is behind the times in the blockchain industry. On the contrary, Google is no less serious about blockchain technology than its other competitors. This is also side evidence that blockchain technology will make a big difference in all walks of life. When you enter the game does not determine success or failure, but the right direction is the most important.


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