Google re-releases CloudAutoML

Google released a Cloud AutoML development sharpener yesterday that allows you to train a custom machine learning model even if you don't know anything about machine learning. This event will be a major milestone for both everyone and Google.

Currently, only a few companies in the world have access to enough talent and budget to enjoy the benefits of ML and AI development, and there is very limited talent capable of creating advanced machine learning models. And building custom models is an extremely time-consuming and complex process.

While Google offers pre-trained machine learning models that can perform specific tasks through APIs, it's still hard to bring AI to everyone, and based on that, Cloud AutoML was launched to close the gap and make AI available to every developer enterprise.

Cloud AutoML, as the name implies, is AutoML on the cloud. This development powerhouse, in other words even if you don't know anything about machine learning, can train a custom machine learning model.

Operationally, in AutoML Vision service, after creating a project, you can simply upload your own images in the system, tag the data to get a trained ML model, and from importing images to tagging to model training, and all of this can be done through a drag-and-drop interface. The whole process is so simple that it requires almost no human intervention.

At the moment, however, Google has not announced the price of Cloud AutoML's services and made them available to the public. So to try this service, you need to send a request to Google. With application address:

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