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Google tries to get Pixelbooks to run Windows

A few months ago, we reported that Google might be working on a dual boot OS running on the Pixelbook, thanks to a cryptic reference to "Alt OS" in the firmware development branch.

Now there's more evidence pointing to the ability of this hardware from Google to run Windows somewhere under its operating system.

What's new? As XDA points out, the new references to WHCK (Windows Hardware Certification Kit) and HLK (Windows Hardware Lab Kit) do make Google look like it's working its way through Microsoft's official certifications. These standards essentially ensure that devices can run Windows without serious confusion and commonplace errors.

Why it matters. The biggest complaint users have about Chromebooks is that they can't run "real" apps, like a full version of Photoshop. While they can get a huge boost by downloading Android apps since late 2016, these apps aren't as powerful as Windows native apps.

Mac users used to have a similar problem, which usually required Windows applications to do their job. Then, Apple released Boot Camp, which provided every mac user with a way to access applications for Windows. The ability to dual-boot to Microsoft's operating system will give Chromebooks all the flexibility of a regular Windows laptop - although you still have to buy a Windows license.

Another thing to note is that many of the expected Chromebooks have very little memory space - far less than the average Windows laptop. This is probably left to the more expensive Chromebooks like the Pixelbook's best chance.

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