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Guess the Picture Song with Artificial Intelligence

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On Wednesday, Google released an official app called "Guess the Song" (Public: Google Chalkboard).

The user enters the app, clicks on "start painting", "Xiao Ge" will give "keywords", the user needs to paint according to the keywords within 20 seconds, "Xiao Ge" will keep guessing the chemical work, guess it will be able to pass the level to the next keyword painting.

Cumulatively unlocking the vocabulary of paintings, the user game level can be upgraded accordingly. By going to the "My Paintings" page, users can see the unlocked vocabulary paintings. Click on the corresponding drawing to see what other users have done with the term and to see what "little songs" have learned to "draw".

According to the official description, Guess the Song is powered by a neural network from Google AI, which is derived from the world's largest data base of over 50 million hand-drawn sketches.

Previously, Google had launched an AI version of "You Draw Me": QuickDraw. The AI will give you a doodle theme, and as you draw the AI will constantly identify and guess what you've drawn until it comes up with the correct answer, or the 20-second countdown is over.

Later, Google launched AutoDraw, an updated version of "You Draw Me" with more useful features, which can intelligently identify the content of graffiti and refine it.

Google says the technology works by simulating how the human brain uses lines, shapes, and other elements of drawing to make inferences when drawing an object. It relies on Google's image recognition technology and uses a simple database of hand-drawn images to match with your drawing.

Graffiti is an abstract visual expression of how people see things. AI and machine learning technologies seem to have enabled machines to learn to "read" and "understand" graffiti content.

It seems that even soul painters can find "Knowing Paintings"!

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