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Guizhou provincial government issued a document to promote the deep integration of big data and the real economy

The Guizhou government recently issued the "Opinions on Promoting Innovation and Development of Big Data, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate the Construction of Digital Guizhou" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"), which states that Guizhou will vigorously promote the deep integration of big data and the real economy, and by 2020, the added value of the digital economy will grow by more than 20% annually.

The Opinions state that Guizhou will promote the development level of deep integration between big data and the real economy towards the intermediate stage.

By 2020, the value added of Guizhou's digital economy will grow at an average annual rate of more than 20 per cent, the value added of the digital economy will account for more than 30 per cent of the regional GDP, the digital economy industry system will be initially built, and a number of digital economy clusters will be formed; more than 3,000 industrial enterprises will be driven to integrate deeply with big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence; the penetration rate of digital R&D and design tools in key industries will reach 74 per cent, and the numerical control rate of key processes will reach 58 per cent. Bringing more than 500 agricultural enterprises into deep integration with big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence; optimizing and integrating 50 large-scale agricultural Internet of Things bases, building 200 agricultural enterprise product quality traceability systems and completing the construction of 10,000 village-level e-commerce service sites. More than 1,500 service industry enterprises will be promoted to integrate deeply with big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence; the province's "one-stop" service platform for intelligent tourism will achieve full coverage of key scenic spots, and the penetration rate of information technology in logistics enterprises will reach 85 per cent.

The Opinions state that Guizhou will vigorously develop the cloud computing service industry. Accelerate the construction of the 500-meter spherical radio telescope (FAST) scientific data storage and processing, independent innovation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements and other platforms, and vigorously develop the collection and storage services of astronomical data. Relying on the construction of data centers, the introduction of leading enterprises in cloud computing services and the construction of a comprehensive public platform for cloud computing. By 2020, the revenue of data storage business will reach more than 2 billion yuan, and basically build an important data processing and analysis industry cluster in southern China.

With the country's elevation of the Internet and big data to a strategic level, Zunshang E-commerce Industrial Park actively responds to the country's strategic deployment of the Internet and big data by integrating the strength of all parties in society, increasing the industrial research and commercialization of big data, creating "Zunshang Cloud" and other landing applications of Zunshang Alliance, Zunyi City Electronic Chamber of Commerce and its member units, small and medium-sized enterprises belonging to Zunyi City and even small and medium-sized enterprises nationwide.

The "Zunshang Cloud" is jointly constructed and operated by Beijing Gaomai Zhiyuan Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Zunyi Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Association, and the "Zunshang Cloud" big data platform project is settled in the Aite-Shop e-commerce industry new city, which is one of the dual channels to promote the innovative development of small and medium enterprises in the city.

The "Zunshang Cloud" big data platform focuses on the actual needs of the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the city, using big data to provide a full range of consulting, planning services, related management tools and data support services for enterprise architecture, legal, financial, tax, human resources, office, products, operations, channels, customer models, etc. And through cloud services to gather all kinds of service resources, including technology, big data, government services and other resources, through the mobile channel to deliver these resources, so that enterprise services to find, use, easy to pay, guaranteed, and through the commercial aspects of the headline information to connect the government, service providers and enterprises to promote communication and cooperation.

Zunshang E-commerce Industrial Park - Aitbuy E-commerce Industry New City is closely focused on the core objectives of the "Thousands of Enterprises Introduction, Thousands of Enterprises Transformation" project, introducing enterprises, resources and service platforms with strong cohesion, high technological content and good growth, based on development trends, fully utilizing new technologies, new models and new business models such as big data, "Internet +" and intelligent manufacturing, and serving the reform and transformation and upgrading development of millions of Zunshang businesses represented by small and medium-sized enterprises in Zunyi City.

The government and enterprises are linked together, and thousands of enterprises have moved in to create a 10 billion dollar industrial highland. Zunshang E-commerce Industrial Park - Zunshang Dream Town, in line with the national policy trend, based on the advantages of Guizhou's big data industry, and cohesive Internet + professional resources, is committed to building a highland that integrates business headquarters, channels, resources, information, talents, spirit, culture, social responsibility and social identity and a platform for Zunshang resources to display, share and promote each other's development.

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