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HCL New Energy Strategically Lays Out Silicon Valley R&D Center to Open Third Global Smart Driving R&D Path

On April 14, Beijing time, HZN (Silicon Valley) Intelligent Driving R&D Center was officially listed in the United States, which not only marks a key step for HZN in building a global strategic R&D matrix, but also opens up a new path for global intelligent driving technology R&D.

As a new vehicle manufacturer with global vision and strong R&D capability, different from the traditional car companies' iterative R&D path of intelligent driving technology, and different from the software-based platform technology route of technology innovation companies' intelligent driving in one step, HZN has mapped out a set of R&D and industrialization path of intelligent driving technology that both has the advantages of both and meets the market reality.

Building a global R&D strategy matrix

As we all know, Silicon Valley has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, with many innovative technology companies, Internet giants, renowned laboratories, famous universities and R&D institutions, always leading the global technological development trends and trends. For the field of smart driving, Silicon Valley remains the center and wind of global innovation and technology leadership, bringing together the world's top smart driving technology research and development and experimental institutions, such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, Baidu, BAIC, etc., all set up smart driving technology research and development centers here.

As the 13th automotive company to be granted a new energy vehicle license in China, since its establishment in October 2014, HZN has always focused on the research and development of high-quality intelligent network-connected new energy vehicles, especially in the field of intelligent driving, with a mature research and development system, and has developed a test vehicle with L4-level autonomous driving function.

2018early, Hopewell New Energy establishes a global R&D strategy, Laying out a global R&D matrix of technology leaders in the field of new energy vehicles, Including the Silicon Valley Smart Driving R&D Center、 Turin Design Center, Italy( chip (in gambling))、 German Engineering and Technology Centre( chip (in gambling))、 Shanghai and Jiaxing Technology R&D Center, etc., will form" four countries and five regions" R&D Layout。

The inauguration of the HZN (Silicon Valley) Intelligent Technology R&D Center is a key step towards HZN's global R&D strategy. In the future, the center will focus on research on intelligent driving and artificial intelligence, fully exploit big data and deep learning technologies, build intelligent driving core algorithms and open source architecture system platforms, and lead the development and industrial application of global intelligent driving technologies.

Pioneering a new path for global smart driving R&D

The transformative development of information technology, especially the rapid iteration of modern sensing, communication, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and automatic control technologies, provides a solid technical foundation for the rise of smart cars. In this context, smart cars have become the windfall of industry investment and the direction of future development. The US HIS report forecasts that global smart (unmanned) vehicle sales will approach 12 million by 2035, while the market will maintain a 48% compound annual growth rate during 2025-2035, with China accounting for approximately 24% of the global smart (unmanned) vehicle market.

The sheer size of the market is attracting many companies to eat into the industry pie of the future, including traditional car companies and innovative technology companies. Due to the different industries and origins, the two have different considerations and paths for the development of smart driving technology. One is the traditional car companies as the representative of the steady school, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, etc., consider the gradual development of the market, for the development and application of intelligent driving technology, starting from the basics, through the industrialization of the step by step upgrade iteration, and ultimately achieve L4-level autonomous driving function; second is the technology companies as the representative of the cross-border radical school, such as Google, Apple, Baidu, etc., they focus on open-source platform technology research and development, the purpose is to do technical system output, occupy the industry development high ground, they do not have the traditional car companies market concerns, through technological innovation, a step in place, directly achieve L4-level industrializable autonomous driving function.

Unlike the two major factions mentioned above, HZN has both the foundation of a traditional car company and the genes of a technology innovation company. In terms of intelligent driving technology development and application, it has opened up a third path that meets its own reality - integrating the advantages of both the cross-border and traditional factions, i.e. taking an open-source platform as the purpose and industrialization iteration as the means to realize the large-scale application of intelligent driving technology, which can guarantee the stability of the technology and meet the needs of the market.

Peng Qingfeng, Vice President of Hopewell New Energy

According to the plan, Hopewell New Energy( Silicon Valley) Smart Driving R&D Center to Conduct Research on Smart Driving Industrialization、 Core algorithms for intelligent driving decisions withAI research and cutting-edge technologies, And strategic cooperation with the world's leading upstream companies in the industry chain of intelligent driving technology development。 just as Peng Qingfeng, Vice President of Hopewell New Energy what has been said:" There's a big market for smart driving in the future, It's tempting., But the competition is fierce., This is both a challenge for Hopewell New Energy, It's also an opportunity for Hopewell New Energy, After all, we're all at the same starting line, Let's see who gets to the finish line first.。"

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