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HP Server iLO Remote Management Port Setup

ilo is short for Integrated Ligths-out, a remote management port integrated on the hp server, which is a set of switches with vxworks embedded operating system integrated inside the chip and connected to the working environment through a standard RJ45 interface. As long as the server is connected to the network and not disconnected from the server, users can be allowed to manage the server remotely over the network, regardless of the state of the HP server (on, off, rebooted). Simply put, ilo is a high-level remote KVM system that can display the server's display information locally, and use a local keyboard and mouse to control and operate the server, and can map and load local CD images and folders to the server as a virtual optical drive. Using iLO, you can complete the low-level BIOS setup, disk RAID configuration, OS installation and other bottom-level tasks, and you can realize remote control and management of the system after completing the system installation.

Press F8 when you are prompted to go to iLO settings most notably to set up the network and users.

Select network to set up the network.

Set the login username and password.

Type https://iLOofIP address inside your browser.

The remote KVM function can be implemented in "Remote Console→Remote Console", one is "Integrated Remote Console", and the other is "Java Integrated Remote Console", which requires the installation of JAVA runtime environment.

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