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HTML+CSS Static Web Case Course

Making a web page is always something that looks easy and seems hard when you do it. It's easy because you can understand all those things when you learn them, and it's hard because, when you actually start making a professional web page from scratch, you don't know how to use it and where to start.

This is because there is still a lot of real-world practice and experience separating the knowledge from the page.

This course will take you step by step through two case studies to create two real static pages from scratch: a personal website and a dribbble home page, to really learn to make great looking static pages with HTML and CSS.

Suitable for people.

Students who want to master static page creation.

Subplot Description.

The course contains two case studies, with about 20 episodes

Case 1: Personal website.

View online at.

1. Introduction to the course

2. The first part of the page content

3, the second part of the page content flex layout

4. The third part of the page content

5、Image icon

6、CSS floating animated elements

7. Responsive design

Case 2: dribbble Home Page Production.

View online at:

Case 2 is still in production and will be updated as it is completed, the following subplots are expected and are for reference only

Analysis of the overall production idea of the page

Navigation bar - floating layout

Navigation bar - style modifications

Navigation bar - fontawesome online icons

Navigation bar - secondary drop down menu creation

taxonomy bar

Making work cards

Card Layout

Card layout 2

Loading more

Back to top icon

iconfont Icon Usage

Online icon use 2

Footer section 1

Footer section 2

responsive design

etc. Content.

Pre-Buy Instructions.

This course is a static page creation course in HTML+CSS and covers only the style of the created pages and does not cover interactions, back-end logic, database, deployment, etc. Please make sure you know what you want before you buy, please understand that there are no refunds after virtual items are purchased.

Discounted price.

Limited time offer of $159, resumes original price of $199 on July 22

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