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HTML Lesson 4 - Using Chrome's F12

Today we continue ha

. It's been so hot lately, people are getting lazy

First, let's talk to you about what Box model : We right click in Chrome View Element When seen.

The blue part in the picture above is the Box model Up. Above is adiv Block-level elements of the tag, which by default will fill a line, are 100% wide by default. But we see a gap on the left side of the blue box in the picture above, which is more evidence that it is a box model. At this point we can modify its style with the corresponding properties.

Since we're writinghtml code, then it is inevitable that you will use Chrome's F12 function, now let's start with the fact that when you do testing you will sometimes encounter a situation where the image does not load, and if you give a bug to the development just write Image not loadingThis is certainly not a problem, but if you add the reason why it does not load, then the development will look at you differently, we say that testing dot dot dot dot is nothing but to find the problem, but the same problem different mention the effect is not the same, if you can locate the cause of the error, then you can only call it Advanced Testing Of course, the captain is only a beginner.

. But we can learn to improve.

As shown above, in addition if you do interface testing then you must be able to use the following diagram.

Today we will talk about these, and then we will not send it after twelve o'clock, after twelve o'clock tomorrow we can not send it, after that we try to talk less and less every day, every day, haha, thank you for your attention ha

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