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HTML for Beginners

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HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) Hypertext Markup Language

HTML is a language for writing Web applications that marks the parts of a Web page to be displayed through markup notation. By adding markers to a text file, you can tell the browser how to display the contents (e.g., how the text is handled, how the screen is arranged, how the images are displayed, etc.).

HTML document structure.

<span style="font-size:24px;"><html>
   <title> Page Title </title>
   <!-- Main content--> 

<html> is usually used as the start code of an HTML document, while the</html> It is usually used as the end code of an HTML document, with all other HTML code located between these two tags.

<head>……</head> is the document's header tag into which other tags can be inserted to describe the document's title and some public attributes, such as

<title>……</title> Used to specify the page title, example:<title> My first page</title>

<meta> is used to describe the standardHTML Some of the documentation information in, If the character set is displayed、 Development tools、 authors、 Web Keywords、 Page descriptions, etc., example:<meta NAME="Author"CONTENT="sampleweb" >

<script> For defining client-side scripts, for exampleJavaScript。script can contain both script statements, It can also be accessed through the src attribute points to an external script file, example:<script type="text/javascript"[src=" externaljs documents"]>

moreover,<head>……</head> It is also possible to insert in<style>、<link>、<base> et cetera。

<body>……</body> in which all the content in the HTML page is placed, such as images, text, videos, tables, forms, etc. Of these, there are several points to note in this pair of markers.

<span style="font-size:24px;">   <bodybgcolor="",background="",text="",alink="",link="",vlink="",topmargin="",leftmargin=""></span>

Grammatical description.

bgcolor is used to set the page background color (either directly in the English word for color, or as a hexadecimal number).

background to set the background image.

text to set the color of all text in the document.

alink is used to set the color of the active link in the document (i.e., the color of the link text when the link is pointed to with the mouse).

link is used to set the color of all links in the document.

vlink is used to set the color of all visited links in the document.

topmargin to set the size of the top margin in the document.

leftmargin is used to set the size of the left margin in the document.

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