Hackers stole 160 nude photos of celebrities, involving many stars caused a lot of controversy, the parties concerned said like five thunderstorms

Hackers stole 160 nude photos of celebrities, involving many stars caused a lot of controversy, the parties concerned said like five thunderstorms

This is the era of rapid development of the Internet, and information is spreading faster than we can imagine. And there are now hackers, to whom private information is also transparent, who can expose the public's privacy simply by employing some technical means. And celebrities are supposed to be the biggest victims. Many celebrities have things they don't want the public to know about before they become famous, but once these things are exposed, their careers and reputations are compromised. Big cousin James Lawrence suffers from this.

The first cousin has always struck us as a strong, dominant woman. She had a clear plan for her future before she even graduated from high school, and she was quick to pay it forward. Although she has no professional acting training, she has a talent for acting.

She made her official debut at the age of seventeen and landed the lead actress position at the age of nineteen with a fantastic performance. She has a career history that many people envy, and she became famous without encountering many difficulties. And she was well resourced, winning the Oscar that many actors dream of when she was in her twenties, and then gaining a lot of attention for her performance in the Hunger Games franchise, she is arguably one of the brightest stars in the American film industry.

But no one can always go smoothly, and just when her career was in its prime, she suffered a major blow. Her 160 indecent photos were stolen and leaked by hackers, and for a while, there was a huge circulation of indecent photos of her and several other popular actresses on online platforms. The photos show them dressed in revealing clothes and behaving boldly, which has caused much discussion among the public.

For celebrities, they are just like ordinary people, sometimes they take some private photos and store them in cloud space. But since they are public figures, when these photos are exposed, it can have a big impact on their reputations. Stars have dignity too, and when they see their photos circulating on the internet and becoming the subject of much gossip, the first cousin, who was originally recognized for her acting skills, has suffered many questions.

I thought the photo fiasco would only be temporary, by then these hacks didn't leave Big Cousin alone, but distributed the photos intermittently and the discussion about her continued for some time and had a big impact on her life. Faced with such a difficult event to deal with, Big Cousin also showed her own vulnerability, she who has been very strong left tears in front of the camera, and she also said that it really feels like the sky is falling, the hacker did such an inhumane thing, which has done a lot of damage to her life and spirit early.

Once an actress loved and respected by many, she is now labeled as a scandal and has become the subject of much criticism, and although she is still active on screen, there has been a big shift in people's attitude towards her. The first cousin's career has also hit a low point. She sued Apple, but since the photos haven't been returned, that means the hidden dangers are still there.

Many people have expressed their anger at these bad hacks. But it's also a lesson that we're all in an age of information sharing, so the best thing to do to better protect yourself is to not save private photos, even more so for celebrities.

What do you think should be done to protect our privacy in the age of open internet?

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