Haikou piloting the construction of smart communities, using big data platforms to enhance urban management!

In order to do a good job in the deployment of the intelligent Haikou command platform, Xiuying District joined hands with the intelligent Haikou command platform to Oriental Ocean Community and Haikou Harbor Community as Pilot for Building Smart Communities that make full use of IoT technologies. Strengthen the monitoring of urban components such as street lights, manhole covers and electric carports, move the port of urban management early warning, monitoring and surveillance further forward, and use the big data platform to strengthen urban management.

The first IoT devices are now in place in the Haikou Harbor and Orient Ocean communities. It is expected to be operational by the end of January to early February.It is understood that the pilot work of the smart community is supported by information technology and adopts the wireless transmission means of the Internet of Things. Real-time transmission of urban components such as street lights, manhole covers and electric carports to the Smart Haikou command platform via sensors,If a component is abnormal, Send an alert, The command platform then dispatched the command, Mobilization of line ministries、 Local streets、 Timely disposal by the community, Rapid elimination of safety hazards。 Thus realizing the problem of hidden spots in the community" Comprehensive monitoring、 pre-emptive, Instant discovery, timely resolution", Greatly enhances the sense of security of the residents in the district。 Intelligent command platform using the Internet、 Internet of Things (IoT)、 Information technology tools such as big data, Achieve full community coverage management and comprehensive monitoring, Continuously address weaknesses and outstanding issues in urban community management, Provide strong information support for urban management refinement, Convenience for residents and for their own work。

Next. Xiuying District will continue to join hands with the smart Haikou platform, relying on Internet of Things technology, the introduction of odor monitoring, noise and dust monitoring, home care safety monitoring, garage water monitoring, fruit bin overflow monitoring and group rental building intelligent access control, etc. IoT devices to comprehensively enhance the community informatization function, so that the community service mode will change to fine management and further improve the initiative of community construction and service to residents.

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