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[Handbook] Knocking out corrupted partitions on removable drives

A removable hard disk was unplugged during read/write, resulting in damage to one of the partitions, as evidenced by.

- It takes a while for the partition to appear in [My Computer] after plugging it in (this is win2k8r2, it doesn't appear directly under XP)

- The volume label is missing. Show as [Local Disk]

- Right-clicking on that partition is bound to jam explorer, not to mention double-clicking

- All the disk/partitioning type tools I've tried won't start, including: diskmgmt.msc, PartAssist, DiskGenius, and diskpart at the command line, plus partition-related commands like format, chkdsk, etc. won't execute for that partition either

- The existence of this partition is like a cancer that can cause all kinds of usage problems. For example, some software does not work properly, some operations will be stuck, clicked something does not open, etc., as long as the removable drive is unplugged, the stuck action immediately continues, the things that should come out immediately

The last bit is pretty bullshit, in that even if you don't mess with it and want to simply give up that space, it won't let you live in peace, which equates to a whole removable drive being basically unusable because of the problematic partition, so you can't even do without it. After attempting several disk tools and almost resorting to more violent measures (such as lowriding), but heaven forbid, it eventually ran it. Here the office refers to the partition deleted, finished can be repartitioned, formatted, so that the entire mobile hard drive back to normal use, the space is not less, but the original problem partition information is gone, so if you are seeking information without injury full-blooded resurrection, then this article can not help you.

First turn off everything you can and preferably have NT6.x on your system , because NT5.x diskpart seems to be much weaker ~ and yes, it ended up using diskpart. Running diskpart while the removable drive is plugged in is stuck, like this.

It doesn't appearDISKPART> The prompt for, Or maybe they'll show up if you wait long enough.。 Anyway, my approach is Unplug the removable drive first to make sure diskpart boots properly After (i.e., the prompt appears), theAnd plug in the portable hard drive. . Wait for a moment, and after all the drive letters of the removable drive are displayed in [My Computer], go back to Go to diskpart and execute the commands in order

 list disk rem lists the disks and finds the label of the removable drive
 select disk x rem Selects a removable disk, x is the label of the removable disk
 list part rem List the partitions of the removable drive and find the label of the problem partition
 select part x rem Select the problem partition, x is the label of the problem partition
 delete part override rem Delete partition

The goal is to delete the problematic partition so that it no longer interferes with use, and whether you want to use it up again afterwards or leave it unused, as you wish, this article is only about the deletion. list out the results, you can judge which one is to operate by the size of the disk/partition, you can also select one by one after knocking detail disk or detail part to display the details of the disk or partition to help judge. The actual implementation effect is shown in the figure.

Note that due to the problematic partitions, each of the above commands can take ages to produce results, especially the last step of delete, which took me about 10 minutes, so in short, be patient. If it's really stuck, then the caster will have to find another way.


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