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Hangzhou Cultural Consumption Platform Launches and Cultural Consumption Experience Week

On December 7, Hangzhou National Cultural Consumption Pilot City Creation Leading Group Office held a seminar on cultural consumption in Hangzhou, officially launched the Hangzhou cultural consumption platform, and simultaneously launched the Cultural Consumption Experience Week.

The online Hangzhou cultural consumption platform, jointly launched by Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television and Hangzhou Media Group, is the first of its kind to create a cultural map of the city and to continuously explore effective ways of online cultural consumption. The specific contents include "five ones": a WeChat service number, a culture pass card, a cultural experience week, an electronic cultural consumption guide and a cultural consumption big data, forming an "O2O" closed loop of online access to cultural information, online ticket purchase, offline consumption experience and platform transaction analysis, which is conducive to cultural enterprises providing cultural products accurately according to users' consumption big data, providing personalized cultural services for citizens and promoting citizens' cultural consumption activities.

In February this year, Hangzhou was selected for the list of national cultural consumption pilot cities. Since the creation of the work, the municipal government has attached great importance to it, hoping to take this opportunity to fully grasp the historical opportunity of the "post-summit, pre-Asian Games", stimulate the cultural consumption of residents, enrich the spiritual and cultural needs of the public, and strive to create a landmark "Hangzhou model" and "Hangzhou experience" in the exploration, and strive to become a model and benchmark city in the country in terms of cultural consumption. (Excerpted by our editor, Zhu Tinglan)

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