Happy Holidays 1024 Programmers!

1024 is the tenth power of 2, one of the basic units of measurement for binary counting.

A programmer (English Programmer) is a professional who is engaged in the development and maintenance of programs.

Programmers are like a 1024, building this tech world with the most understated, down-to-earth, core functional modules.

Today is a holiday that belongs to programmers.

As per usual, here's a little gift for all you aspiring coders out there.


keras: Highly packaged deep learning library that implements complex models in a few lines of code, and we provide the information in the exhaustive official keras manual (Chinese translation)

markdown: I understand it as a syntax, mainly for text, that can be formatted concisely and efficiently, and is supported by major institutions and websites (the description files on github, for example, are in .md format). The information we provide is practical and commonly used grammar and examples, which I feel is very useful.

linux An operating system (the same concept as Windows, max os), many programmers recognize this statement: "You can't not know windows and you can't not knowlinux ", it is necessary to master it, considering that the servers we use afterwards are linux. The material we provide is the linux god, Bird's "Linux Private

vim:The editor, a godsend, "you can't go back to vim once you're used to it" We provide information at ...... I haven't seen it yet.

pandas: A data processing library under python. The information we provide is its official manual, Chinese translation

Liao Xuefeng: The Great Spirit. We offer materials for its python, javascript, git, github tutorials, which many people recommend.

tensorflow: Similar to keras, both are machine learning libraries. The information we provide is extremely well used example tutorials.

A random screenshot.

If it helps you.

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Must win the exam


1、Jupyternotebook Getting Started Tutorial below
2、Java Code Quality Metrics Tool Parade
3、DOMO The Rising SelfService Business Intelligence Tool
4、hadoop cluster configuration for hadoop installation and deployment primary
5、The robots that bring joy and dignity to the elderly

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