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Hardware Wallet Prize Giveaway Today

The long-awaited prize draw is here, folks!

To preface this recap, the prize to be won today is this.

Lucky prize for retweeting screenshots

Received by.

The prize is a Bitbox hardware wallet, currently on sale at CoinWallet on Taobao for Rmb549!

Message Likes Strength Award

Received by.

The prize is a Trezor hardware wallet, currently on sale at CoinWallet's Taobao for Rmb988!

Please add Max's WeChat friends to the above winners so we can send you your prizes, and remember to give me a winning show!

Meanwhile, the second wave of AIRCOIN airdrops are all complete, so tap your wallet to see if you've received them.

8888 is the second wave of public friend retweets, 888 is the retweet airdrop for Twitter, and the Twitter campaign is still in progress.

This week Max will be bringing you more and more fun video content, with a VLOG of his Xiamen blockchain trip and unboxing of cutting-edge digital products, in short, just be sure to watch.

1、So theres a surefire way to win with King Bull The King of Bulls hang out cheat seethrough aids
2、InsurTech market to reach 14 trillion by 2021
3、GitHub project recommendation a Python library for adversarial attacks defense and benchmarking of machine learning models
4、Play WeChat Jump series with python color recognition of chess piece positioning
5、Digital Coin Goldman Sachs CCC Teams Up with GSR Capital to Develop Digital Currency Financial Services

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