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Hats off to the big boys of the cryptocurrency world

Yesterday at tokenclub, we watched the sharing of several big names in the cryptocurrency chain, such as Bao Erji, BigOne's CEO Lao Cat, Wellspring CEO Wu Yuanwen, Bodhi founder Lin Scare Hong, and Origin Capital Han Zhiqi. I want to learn from the big guys how to achieve financial freedom in the blockchain industry towards the top of life ah.

These bigwigs were exposed to and involved in blockchain early, and achieved financial freedom time freedom early, they all say they are very busy, small leek's I seem to understand ah, people always have to find things to do, otherwise idle and boring. But...

Bao Erji master in the United States to engage in a leek estate, now engaged in a bitcoin fork bitcoin god charity blockchain project, hoping to use the coins donated by everyone to give to which people in need of help, and occasionally to young small leeks do the project stand. He says he's financially free., Now it's all about helping people trying to do something good for blockchain development, Master Bao said he was so busy he forgot to celebrate his birthday, He's busy, too., But they're busy with such high profile things, But we leeks are busy watching the market every day, Follow the fluctuation of the market mood up and down; The old cat was just a while back whenbigone exchangeCEO, There was also a recent post《 God's perspective》, To the effect that he is now looking at all beings from the perspective of God, Approaching work with God's perspective, annoying, We are small leeks but we watch the market every day from the perspective of leeks, Follow the fluctuation of the market mood up and down; Bodhi forest scares the flood11 Entered the cryptocurrency world in 2007, Because bitcoin、 The Ether has made a fortune!, Now people are making bodhi chains for predictions, He said if everyone speculated in coins, Each person does real work, Blockchain can't really grow the real world either, We leeks don't do our job well and watch the market every day, Follow the fluctuation of the market mood up and down。

They're pretty optimistic about the future of blockchain, huh? Bao Erji said, hold the coin in your hands, who sells bitcoin who foolish, the future will be hundreds of thousands of token, he will continue to build momentum for the blockchain, attracting more leeks to take over, now the coin at that time are early coins, there is a first mover advantage therefore is bound to rise. The old cat said that in the future, perhaps because of the need for the game between the two great powers of China and the United States will be loosened to blockchain regulation, the fight for blockchain's voice, or because of the birth of some blockchain landscape changing project such as EOS, may lead to a wave of super bull market. Wu Yuan Wen said, Token will change the world, now the value of digital currency and BAT equivalent, far from the future of the digital economy should have the amount of ah.

Well, my friends, buy your coins now.

However, in fact, I listened to a day of big brother's speech today, but instead slightly sad, because I am also as optimistic as they are about blockchain ah, but I am a small leek, still running to earn some money in the blockchain to make a living, after listening to even the direction of running are gone ah, see the gap, tears ah.

What a coin to buy to achieve financial freedom like them.

Heard some of the directions they mentioned today.

Baoji thinks it's fine to buy projects whose founders are still alive and doing something.

Eric at Coin Capital says there's a big opportunity for anonymous currency zec, xmr, etc. in '18 ah.

Han Zhiqi said there is a big opportunity in the security field this year ah, the underlying public chain he took a long position in InterValue.

Old Cat says he has seen the value of BTC before and predicted the value of ETH in advance, and he is now bullish on EOS


After listening to it or messy ah, bullish big brother you can not caliber inconsistent ah, in the end buy which, I and other small leeks do not have so much money everything to buy ah, friends, refer to the big brother's advice continue to do analysis it.

The old cat is good at business and finds opportunities. Although bricklaying is profitable, it is still a bit of a struggle.

These big guys started differently because they made money earlier speculating in coins and now choose to fight for blockchain development in a way they are good at, while killing the rest of their lives.

Well, do what you're good at in the way you're good at, and do something that's more fun for you... time has to be passed.

To sum up.

After paying homage to the big guy, both received and still bewildered ah.

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