He Ning, Chief Technology Officer of JinYi Technology, was invited to attend the Smart High Speed Seminar

Expert Profile.

Dr. Ning He, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Scientist of Golden Spill Technology, Inc. Specially Appointed Expert of National "Thousand Talents Plan" He is an expert in international standards of the ISO (International Standards Organization) Technical Committee on Intelligent Transport Systems.


Advancing the Application of Vehicle-Road Collaboration and Opening a New Chapter of Intelligent Highway Construction


This presentation will introduce the concept, significance, domestic and international progress of vehicle-road collaboration technology, as well as its technical points and system components; then focus on the opportunities and challenges facing the development of vehicle-road collaboration technology, describe the close relationship between vehicle-road collaboration technology and smart highway, and its key application scenarios in smart highway; finally, elaborate how to use the opportunity of China's smart highway pilot demonstration project construction to promote the application of vehicle-road collaboration technology and open a new chapter of smart highway construction.

Notice on the 2018 "Digital Transportation and Smart Highway New Technology Application Seminar"

All units concerned.

At present, China's transportation information technology, intelligent development momentum is rapid, road traffic gradually developed to the "network operation" and "online service" of the new era, how to significantly improve the efficiency of highway network operations, travel services and network toll wisdom, has become a common concern and expectations inside and outside the industry.

To accelerate the network of our highways、 informatization、 Intelligent construction, Effectively improving the governance capacity and service level of the industry, Actively adapt to lead the new economic normal and the new requirements of structural reform, New Technology Promotion Branch of China Communications and Transportation Association decide on2018 year8 month10 sun-11 held in Guangzhou on2018“ Workshop on the application of new technologies for digital transportation and smart highways”。 The arrangements are as follows:

I. Content of the meeting

Conference theme. "Government and Enterprise Cooperation - Promoting Intelligent Highway Development"

Main topic.

1. The new concept, technology and application of "intelligent highway".

2. Application of big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence in the field of highways.

3. New generation traffic control network and intelligent highway demonstration project.

4. Freeway ETC free flow and withdrawal of technical paths from mainline stations.

5. New technologies and development directions for accurate identification of highway paths.

6. Analysis of non-stop truck tolling and entrance control on highways.

7. Other topics.

II. Format of the meeting

Keynote presentations, special lectures, interactive exchanges, product demonstrations, visits, etc.

The conference will focus on a series of topics such as artificial intelligence, big data application, information construction, operation and management, innovative application, and integrated development, etc. The conference will look forward to the development trend of transportation information intelligence, discuss industrial prospects, share successful experiences, and promote exchange and cooperation.

III. Target participants

The relevant leaders of provincial (district and city) transportation departments (bureaus and committees), highway authorities, network management agencies (toll collection, monitoring, communications, command and control) and other relevant leaders, road administration, maintenance, area (section) monitoring, toll collection, communications and other centers in charge, owners, design, construction and other units in charge of the project, scientific research institutions, industry organizations, ETC, new technologies, new products and program providers and other units of management and technical personnel.

IV. Organization of the session

Directed by.

China Communications and Transportation Association (CCTA)

Hosted by.

New Technology Promotion Branch of China Communications and Transportation Association

Undertaken by.

CCCC Joint Research Institute of Transportation Science (Beijing) Co.

China Railway Network Road News Magazine

Co-organized by.

Anhui Provincial Highway Society

Shenzhen JinYi Technology Co.

Guangzhou Etus Communication Equipment Co.

V. Time and place

(i) Timing: 9 August for arrival, 10 August for meeting, 11 August for morning observation.

(ii) Venue: Guangzhou Nanyang Changsheng Hotel (38 Xinghua Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou)

(iii) Study tour: Field visit to the free flow pre-transaction system and lane fast-track system of the Shizhou ramp of the Guangzhou-Zhuhai Western Corridor and experience the pre-transaction system of the Lamma mainline.

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