cool hit counter He then stretched out, his legs already numb from the cold, and it took him a long time to adjust before he stood up_Intefrankly

He then stretched out, his legs already numb from the cold, and it took him a long time to adjust before he stood up

A whole computer just fell into the hands of Feng Xiaotian, which is almost like a pie in the sky, if not for Old Li not knowing much about computers, Feng Xiaotian would never have been able to buy it for ten dollars, this computer looks like brand new, there is no trace of wear and tear on the monitor and case, so it should not have any problems, if calculated according to the real market value, it is worth at least seven or eight thousand dollars!

The computer was a bit bulky, but Feng Xiaotian felt very light in his hand, and he couldn't help but cheer until he walked a long way out, and if it weren't for the fact that there was no one on this road, he would only be looked at by others as a madman.

After observing for a while, Feng Xiaotian found a seemingly stupid but correct method - he picked up various cables and compared them one by one corresponding to the interfaces on the computer, and after spending a few minutes, Feng Xiaotian finally figured out the correct way to connect various cables. After a few more minutes, a completed computer appeared in front of Feng Xiaotian, Feng Xiaotian stared at the computer, his heart was a little hesitant, he did not know whether this assembly is correct or not, in case any wire is connected wrong, after the power supply this computer will not be finished?

The wind Xiaotian checked the various interfaces again for insurance purposes, and only then turned on the power, pressed the switch on the mainframe, the light on the mainframe immediately lit up, followed by a "buzzing" sound in the case, looking at the mainframe all normal. But the computer monitor did not respond, Feng Xiaotian froze for a moment, then realized that he had forgotten to turn on the monitor, Feng Xiaotian smiled to himself and pressed the power switch on the monitor, after a few seconds, the computer monitor lit up, and then Feng Xiaotian saw the Microsoft logo, there is a number "3.0" after this logo - this computer is actually installed the latest version of the software!

The next time, Feng Xiaotian began to make various attempts on the computer according to the knowledge he had, for ten days in a row, Feng Xiaotian would stay in front of the computer after picking up rags every day, at this moment, he had a very deep understanding of computer programs, he tried out many of his ideas about computer programming, from stumbling at the beginning, to being purely proficient now, it could be said that the progress was quite amazing. At six o'clock this evening, Feng Xiaotian was still sitting in front of his computer, working away, and after a while, he stretched, and since his legs were already numb from the cold, he took a long time to adapt before standing up.

Every morning and evening, the vegetable vendors would sort out their goods, some rotten vegetables that could not be sold because of the squeeze, they would throw away, Feng Xiaotian was going to pick up these rotten vegetables, although these vegetables did not look good, but they were still edible, Feng Xiaotian lived on the money he got from collecting rags, it was good enough to have enough to eat, how could he pick and choose? It was already a bit dark, it was winter, although Sanjiang was located in the hinterland of the Central Plains, but because of the many lakes here, the temperature difference was quite extreme, in summer it was like a big steamer, so hot that people wanted to go crazy, but in winter it was cold as hell, the dry cold north wind blew, whoever would have a chill.

Feng Xiaotian had already familiarized himself with the computer, and he knew a lot about the various programs, and now his heart became bigger, and he couldn't wait to learn about the outside world through the computer - to put it simply, he wanted to learn about the foreign world. Although the country has long been reformed and opened up, but all kinds of news is still very closed, especially in the computer, basically is still in the beginning stage, Feng Xiaotian very like to learn, for the computer this new thing, he has almost crazy enthusiasm, because his heart has a small secret, this secret to say some pie in the sky - Feng Xiaotian actually want to develop their own set of operating system, a set of operating system with artificial intelligence!

Feng Xiaotian is a very peculiar person, in the eyes of the vast majority of people, he is a silent person, Feng Xiaotian never communicate with his classmates in school, of course, this is mainly because his classmates do not treat him, Feng Xiaotian in their eyes is a rag picker caller, even if you say a few words to Feng Xiaotian, I'm afraid the others will laugh. Feng Xiaotian was often discriminated against and was often sneered at by others, but he didn't get the least bit angry about it because he knew that it wouldn't help him in any way, what others wanted to say was someone else's business, he just had to go his own way, there was no need to get into a fight with others because it was a very meaningless thing.

Rang Feng Xiaotian was quite good at studying, but he usually kept a low profile, and every time he took an exam his grades were at an intermediate level, but of course, if he wanted to, he could get a solid first place every time - he could do all the test questions without a single point except for the essay questions. In this way, school instead became something that made Feng Xiaotian feel very uninterested, he cherished the opportunity to learn, but did not like sitting in the classroom listening to the teachers of various subjects explaining the knowledge he already knew by heart - he longed for a bigger stage, he wanted to accept a bigger challenge.

The books that Feng Xiaotian bought back were quite special, such as "Theory of Functions", "Molecular Partial Equations", "Summary of Physical Linearity Theory", all these books are for those who have a very high level of expertise to read, Feng Xiaotian was completely confused at first, for this reason he also specifically from Old Li plucked other related books, after his study, the theoretical knowledge of these books were almost all figured out by him, the only thing missing is the practice, if this thing is said out, it will only make everyone fall down!

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