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Headhunter report released: high frequency of job hopping is easy to blacklist

With the popular broadcast of the TV series "The Hunting Ground", the "behind-the-scenes" profession of headhunting began to enter the public eye. A newly released headhunting industry report reveals more details about this group, which mentions that "although job hopping is a way for job seekers to get better development opportunities, frequent job hopping is not an appropriate move, but the least favored by headhunters": 94.4% of headhunters do not like candidates who hop frequently, and 63.4% of headhunters do not like people with bad reputation.

The full name of this headhunting report is "national headhunting talent hunting behavior big data report" (hereinafter referred to as "big data report"), the publisher for the hunting platform, its research data from the platform on 320,000 headhunters, 710,000 headhunting job samples, and more than 10,000 headhunters, more than 50,000 job seekers questionnaire survey.

According to the big data report, headhunters "do not like" the high frequency of job hopping candidates, because "frequent job hopping will give people a strong sense of instability", and industry reputation is not good in addition to its work ability may be lacking, may also be the prey character problems, such candidates recommended to companies too high risk.

Many people may think that education and graduation institutions are the first factors considered by headhunters when looking for a candidate. However, the big data report shows that the headhunters hunting for talent the most important factors, education background only ranked fourth, matching work experience is the biggest factor considered by the headhunters, job hopping frequency and work performance ranked second and third respectively.

The big data report also mentions that when headhunters conduct talent screening, timely communication, honesty and trustworthiness, and clarity of purpose are the top three virtues they value most.

In the episode of "The Hunting Ground", Zheng Qiu Dong's subordinate Jia Yi Mei is still waiting for a reply to a client's call in the evening, and after they take the order, they will collect news about the best candidate from various sources. With a matching target candidate, it can be a long process and ordeal from character screening, background checks, to realistic approaching.

The big data report shows that in the real "hunting field", 14:00~15:00 every day, every Wednesday and Thursday, every August, is the best hunting period for headhunters. In the middle of the year, August is exactly the preparation stage of the "golden nine silver ten" job-hopping period, so it is also the most active month of headhunting, and the end of December, when the workforce is doing the planning for the coming year, is also the time of headhunting eager to try. (China Youth Daily - China Youth Online reporter Qiu Chenhui)

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