cool hit counter Heavy! Chain WeChat CoinMeet is sending out fire coins_Intefrankly

Heavy! Chain WeChat CoinMeet is sending out fire coins

Introduction to CoinMeet

Firecoin Global Pro ( is scheduled to open for CoinMeet (MEE) top-ups at 14:30 BST on January 23.

January 24 at 15:00 in the Innovation Zone open for MEE/BTC and MEE/ETH trading.

CoinMeet is building a blockchain ecosystem that encompasses digital assets, digital identities, and digital social. MEE will be the "fuel" for CoinMeet's distributed products, an expression of the value of the right to use them.

CoinMeet, as a big dark horse in the industry, has been praised continuously since its launch, and has been called "Chain WeChat" by people in the circle. The product was launched only two weeks after the launch of the user volume broke one million, and now more than 3,000 high-quality communities and official communities have been stationed there. It has received strategic investments from BlockVC, DSVC, Node Capital, CollinStar and other well-known blockchain capitals at home and abroad, in addition to strong support from Golden Finance, BABB and UCL.

CoinMeet Official Website

(also known as the app download address)

CoinMeet Official Community

Firecoin Official Community

CoinMeet Contact

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