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Hefei to create a national security industry demonstration park

According to Anhui Business Daily, with the deepening of Internet applications, network security has become an inescapable topic. This reporter learned yesterday from the 2017 Hefei Cybersecurity Conference that Hefei City is laying out its security industry with the high-tech zone as the main focus.

In the first half of 2017, nearly 2 billion data records were lost or stolen worldwide due to cyber attacks, according to a new study released by data security provider Gemalto. The relevant person in charge of Xinhua San Group introduced that in the field of network security, it is necessary to shift from the traditional passive defense to a collaborative and linked active defense system, and through the analysis of massive data, timely detection of network security posture and attacks, to achieve early perception of network attacks or more timely response to security threats and minimize losses.

Hefei is building a national security industry demonstration park in the high-tech zone, the park's security industry covers anti-terrorism security, information security, traffic security, disaster prevention and mitigation, food safety and other five key areas. These include the National Quantum Information Laboratory and the integrated network platform between heaven and earth. In addition, 38 is building a public security industrial park, covering smart cities, big data operation center projects, radar electronics industrialization projects, security electronics industrialization projects, and composite material projects. (Reporter Zhang Pei)

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