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Heiwa FTC - Feet on the Ground November

This is the 9th release from Dazzle Play Robotics FIRST

We're a bunch of pacified middle schoolers who love to play with robots

You're welcome to join us.

November is a time for us to get our feet wet and learn

Laying the groundwork for season preparation follow-up

The important point in time.


For team organization.

We finally settled on a logo and business card design for the team, which has a real "formal" and "premium" feel for a varsity team, right?

Importantly, the clarity of team members and the division of labor made it clearer to everyone what the next step in learning would be FOCUS.

And most importantly: each player is an integral part of the gorgeous spectrum, all working together for a great new season!


For the overall design of the robot.

The focus this month was on the initial shaping of the drawings for the mechanical section.


In terms of relevant knowledge acquisition.

This month's highlight is JAVA!

JAVA Basic concepts of programming.

- Basic data types: integer types, floating point types, logical types, character types

- Reference data types: classes, interfaces, variables

- arithmetic operator


Logical expressions of common language names.

- if statement (expression) + input

- circular statement

- Do while + (conditional expression) + [loop body] Note that there is a cutoff

- For + (conditional expression) + [loop body] Note that there is a cutoff


Look, everyone is listening to the teacher and practicing carefully, they feel that they have gained a lot.

After a few weeks of learning, JAVA is no longer mysterious or obscure, and everyone is eager to try their hand at programming!

Cheer us on!

FIRST official website:

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