cool hit counter Hello everyone and welcome to today's Crowdshare Blockchain Talk_Intefrankly

Hello everyone and welcome to today's Crowdshare Blockchain Talk

"Hello everyone, and welcome to today's Crowdshare Blockchain Grand Rounds."

"That's all for today, so feel free to leave positive comments and we'll see you in the next class."

Familiar words ring out, different times of day, but harboring different feelings.

In 2018, Crowdshare Bits started the "Crowdshare Blockchain Hall" learning course. With the original intention of spreading the word about blockchain technology and making it less lofty and obscure, we embarked and persevered on a journey that lasted both bitter and sweet for a year.

In this year, we have interpreted blockchain technology from Bitcoin, blockchain, blockchain architecture family, landing applications and other modules, and completed the writing and recording of 260 classroom lesson plans, from concept to application, from theory to practice, hoping to help you build a complete knowledge system.

2018 has been both an ordinary and special year. Why ordinary? 2018 is only one year in the long history of the unstoppable, and 2018 is only one year in everyone's life that has the same duration as the years before it. Why is it special? 2018 is the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up of our great country, 2018 has seen the ups and downs of the cryptocurrency market, and the 2018 Crowd Enjoy Blockchain Grand Lecture Course has begun.

On the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, China has made huge leaps in politics, economy, education and culture. But every qualitative change requires a painful, even skin-peeling, agonizing start and day after day of perseverance.

Crowdshare Bits is holding on to its passion for blockchain technology development day in and day out, because we believe in it, so we focus and persist. At the same time, it is also the persistence of all of us day after day that has brought the "Crowdshare Blockchain Seminar" to its present stage.

As 2018 draws to a close, the Crowdshare Blockchain Conference will soon be saying "goodbye" to everyone.

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