Henan Plain Big Data went to Beijing to attend the stage meeting of the National Committee for Information Standards

Big data, as a core factor of production throughout the digital economy, profoundly affects the development of innovation in all areas of the social economy. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology attaches great importance to the development of big data and has made the standardization of big data one of its important tasks. In March 2018, the China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute and the Big Data Standards Working Group of the National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee jointly released the "Big Data Standardization White Paper (2018 Edition)". The white paper provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of the domestic and international policies, industry and standardization status and applications of big data, improves the big data standard system, introduces key national standards, and puts forward the next work direction.

Henan Plain Big Data Industry Development Co., Ltd. has attached great importance to the issue of data security since its inception, and has now joined the Big Data Standards Working Group led by the National Committee for Information Standards, actively participating in the formulation of Big Data security standards, technical standards, transaction standards, application standards, etc. On July 9, our company went to Beijing to conduct a project workshop on "Urban Data Governance Maturity Assessment Model" with nine times big data and other members to jointly promote the application of national standards.

The meeting focused on the maturity, reasonableness and urgency of the standard requirement establishment of "Urban Data Governance Maturity Assessment Model", and the National Committee on Information Standards made some targeted suggestions, which will be further optimized and amended subsequently.

The next step of the Big Data Standards Working Group is to gather resources from all parties to continuously improve the standards system of Big Data; strengthen the promotion and application of Big Data standards, and enhance the support role of standards for market cultivation, technology development, service capacity enhancement and industry management; at the same time, continue to do a good job of international standardization in the field of Big Data, and enhance the influence of China in the field of Big Data standardization.

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