Hengqin Life shines a "big trick" model innovation breakthrough management problems

Introduction. The recent "China-West Management Summit 2017" held in Guangzhou took Chinese management as a topic to discuss how Chinese management can cope with changes in the new era. Feng Lun, chairman of Royal Wind Capital, also said that good business management is the most important part of a business to live.

"China's open door will not be closed, it will only be opened wider and wider, and the business environment will be more open, transparent and regulated." The open market has led foreign companies to compete for the big pie in the Chinese market. The complex and diverse market environment will be full of new challenges, and likewise managers of Chinese companies will need to meet this challenge with new management styles.

A business is like a bow, and managing a business is like pulling an arrow on a bow, the string is tight and strong enough to fly far and shoot accurately. The recent "China-West Management Summit 2017" held in Guangzhou took Chinese management as a topic to discuss how Chinese management can cope with changes in the new era. Feng Lun, chairman of Royal Wind Capital, also said that good business management is the most important part of a business to live.

Feng Lun (left), Dana Zohar (middle) and Lan Yadong (right) talk about the future of Chinese companies

Individuals to the whole, management moves to the era of big platforms

A review of the history of Chinese business fashions reveals that business management has gone through 3 stages.

From the reform and opening up in 1978 until the enactment of the Company Law in 1993, it was the era of personal management, where the corporate style was determined by the personal style of the entrepreneur. Over the next 20 years, China gradually improved its laws and regulations, major policies, and enterprises moved from the individual to the whole, and the system began to take shape. "It was 2012 that really made the difference for me. With a series of regulatory policies in place, business management is rapidly taking shape. The management model of Chinese companies, therefore, has the exact name - 'Chinese management'. "Feng Lun said.

According to Feng Lun, Chinese style management has also changed a lot in the new era. Just as modern warfare has been transformed from top-down command-style operations to special forces operations in groups of three, modern Chinese management should also develop in the direction of a "small front-end and large back-end". The headquarters is like a big platform, responsible for information and resource deployment, and the front-end becomes a small organization, self-driven, low-cost and high-return.

How well are Chinese companies doing in terms of Chinese management? Many companies have answered with practical actions. "From being a business to being a platform, big platform management has become the future trend and the direction we are working towards." Lan Yadong, chairman of Hengqin Life, shares Feng Lun's views. "Hengqin Life is located in the Hengqin Free Trade Zone, which has the advantage of a unique location platform. We have also established an internal 'dual creation' platform to encourage internal entrepreneurship among our employees. Not only that, at the beginning of our birth, we realized the data analysis of insurance from R&D to after-sale with the help of big data, and built a big platform of internet big data to support the front-end staff customization service. The three major platforms of location, entrepreneurship and technology give Hengqin Life the attributes of a large platform. "

"Compared to traditional companies, large platform companies are more adaptable to the modern pace of development, with strong service capabilities, manufacturing capabilities, and the ability to bring resources from all parties on the platform and converge into a huge force." said one business management practitioner.

Lan Yadong talks about corporate management using Hengqin Life as an example

Doing management from the bottom up, small front end inspires innovation

"Traditional Newtonian is the most common way of managing in the West, but it is beginning to lose touch with society." At the Midwest Management Summit 2017, Dana Zohar, founder of Quantum Management from the UK, said, "It was once thought that matter was made up of many individual atoms that were separate and unconnected and could be manipulated. But modern research shows that it is the quanta that are the smallest matter and are interconnected. We live in the quantum age and need to transform Newtonian management with quantum management. "

The industry generally agrees that the two have very different management effects. Newtonian management emphasizes the "law of the land" and is concerned with machine control operations, top-down, mechanized, and cautionary command of work. Quantum management, on the other hand, subscribes to "uncertainty theory," which views each employee as a quantum, emphasizing bottom-up, self-constitution, and integration of self-organized products. Such an organization is characterized by polycentric power, which activates the innovative power of employees.

Such self-organizations abound in Yokohama Life. "Employees are encouraged to freely combine into smaller teams, covering intrapreneurship, independent agents, building their own offline teams, etc. Such a small team is what we call a 'small front end'. "Lan Yadong talked about it.

"China has experienced a span of development from catching up to leading at a pace that the world can't even imagine. Although previously we had been borrowing from Western Newtonian management to deal with predictable problems. But not anymore, China is equally ahead of the curve, with equal opportunities. Faced with the unknown and uncertainty of the world, we also need to explore the future. "Lan Yadong said that quantum management is gradually accepted and adopted by everyone, and the "small front end" of a company is also enriched.

"It is because there are also companies like this in China that I see the future of business management. I hope to do my part by using 'Quantum Management Science'. "This is how Zohar has praised Yokohama Life. Hengqin Life adopts the "big platform + small front-end" corporate management, which is the clearest and most certain approach now. Perhaps more and more companies like Yokohama Life will emerge in the future, or perhaps a new way of managing businesses will become trendy, it's all unknown. But if you can actively explore, you will always get the unexpected.

Source: Chubei.com

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