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Hexo blog installation RSS plugin

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RSS Introduction

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format for describing and synchronizing website content, and is the most widely used XML application.

RSS Currently widely used in online news channels, blogs and wikis, the main versions are, , . Using RSS feeds provides faster access to information, and web users can read the content of websites that support RSS output on the client side without opening the content page of the website with the help of RSS-enabled aggregator software.

The following section will describe how to install the targetHexo RSS plugin for blogs and provide RSS feeds with the help of generated files.

Atomis a format for subscribing to weblogs, a kind of web feed, similar to RSS but with greater flexibility. It's worth noting that Blogger and Gmail, both services provided by Google, are using Atom.

Installing plug-ins

First open a terminal and go to the localHexo Root directory, by installing the RSS plugin.

$npm install hexo-generator-feed

Add Configuration

Edit LocalHexo file in the root directory, add the following configuration.



#RSS feeds


- hexo-generator-feed

#Feed Atom


type: atom

path: atom.xml

limit: 20

Add theme configuration

After re-executing the command to render the file, the required file has been generated in the directory under the root directory. Although the file already exists, you still need to add the subscribe to RSS button to the page.

differentHexo Themes implement RSS in different ways. The theme used by the blogger is that you can edit the files in the theme directory, add a new menu item, and the link is set to just (corresponding to the absolute path of your file). If you wish to open the link in a new page, you will need to set the attribute to

# Adding new menu items follows these rules



#text: About

#url: /about

#target: _blank



text: RSS

url: /atom.xml

target: _blank


Finally, empty the existing static files, re-render the files, deploy to a server or service, and start the subscription journey!

$hexo clean

$hexo generate# or hexo g

$hexo deploy# or hexo d

Reference Articles

Install RSS plugin for hexo blog | CSDN

RSS (Simple Syndication of Information) (Baidu Encyclopedia)

Atom (XML aggregation format)| Baidu online encyclopedia

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