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High-tech zone releases outline of artificial intelligence industry development plan to build 5,000-acre artificial intelligence industrial park

Self-driving buses on the road and "biometric" access control, such as face recognition, in and out of buildings ...... The era of artificial intelligence you imagined is coming to Hefei.

On March 4, the 2018 China (Hefei) Artificial Intelligence Industry Development Conference was held, and as a gathering area for artificial intelligence enterprises, at this conference, the high-tech zone officially released the "Outline of the Artificial Intelligence Industry Development Plan for Hefei High-tech Zone (2018-2025)" (hereinafter referred to as: "Planning"), which will build an artificial intelligence industrial park covering an area of 5,000 acres and create an artificial intelligence application model area in the whole zone.

Development Planning Planning an artificial intelligence industrial park covering 5,000 mu

Yesterday's conference saw the official unveiling of the China (Hefei) Artificial Intelligence Industrial Park, which is initially planned to cover an area of about 5,000 mu.

Jianghuai Morning Post and reporter learned that, at present, there are more than 100 artificial intelligence-related enterprises in Hefei High-tech Zone, and according to the Plan, the zone will build an artificial intelligence industrial park on the basis of the existing spatial layout.

"The industrial park as a whole takes the new campus of CSU as its axis, and plans to build seven functional areas: research and education area, intelligent voice area, chip and innovation incubation area, intelligent vision and voice industry area, robotics industry area, intelligent computing park, and engineering application talent training area." The person in charge of the high tech zone introduced.

According to the Plan, it is planned that by 2020, Hefei High-tech Zone will form "four leading" technological advantages in the field of global voice intelligence, brain-like intelligence, quantum intelligence and big data intelligence, initially build an artificial intelligence industry cluster with international competitiveness, achieve an artificial intelligence industry output value of 100 billion yuan, and make the High-tech Zone a "pioneering area" for the domestic and global artificial intelligence industry.

Industrial system Establishing "deaf and smart" artificial intelligence industry

The future of artificial intelligence, in a word, is "deaf and smart, handy", and to achieve this goal, it is necessary to rely on the development of intelligent voice, machine vision, smart chips, artificial intelligence and other industries.

The person in charge introduced that the high-tech zone will accelerate the research and development of next-generation intelligent voice technology, and accelerate the development and industrialization of next-generation intelligent voice technology such as natural language understanding and emotional interaction. Expand the extension of the voice industry chain, accelerate the cooperation and gathering of microphone arrays, audio processing modules and related component R&D enterprises, and establish a supporting and complete voice industry chain.

In machine vision, we will vigorously introduce machine vision algorithms, camera front ends, image processing systems and other advantageous enterprises in the machine vision industry chain, and strengthen the research and development and industrialization of core technologies for image recognition such as face recognition, pedestrian recognition, vehicle recognition, video structuring and text recognition.

In terms of smart chips, the high-tech zone will focus on the development of terminal neural network custom chips, FPGAs, AISC and other smart computing chips and chip modules. An artificial intelligence terminal R&D and high-end manufacturing base will also be established. It also accelerates the design, development and system integration of medical robots, such as intelligent medical care beds, interrogation and meso-exoskeletons, and intelligent industrial robots.

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