cool hit counter His prophecies have come true again and again! Three theories that prove mankind is about to say goodbye to death and achieve eternal life! What an intergenerational discovery!_Intefrankly

His prophecies have come true again and again! Three theories that prove mankind is about to say goodbye to death and achieve eternal life! What an intergenerational discovery!

The search for immortality is not always a small thing that humans have been seeking for thousands of years, and google chief future superstitious Kurtz Weil predicted that humans will begin to officially embark on the journey to immortality in 2029, to reach the "technological singularity" in 2045 to formally complete immortality, and to superstitious practice to left to prove, let a number of people see the hope of immortality can be expected.

The "return" of the human heart, which is frightening but compelling, can it really be closed? Ray kurzweil is a futuristic researcher, inventor, author, and chief engineer of google in Silicon Valley, and has been called "the best person I know in the field of artificial intelligence speculation" by Bill Gates.

In his first book, The Age of the Mind Machine, written between 1986 and 1989, he projected the trend of improving chess computer software capabilities and felt that computers would beat the best human chess players by the year 2000. In February 1996, IBM's super computer Deep Blue first challenged the world chess champion Garry Kasparov and lost by 2:4. The research team later improved Deep Blue and in May 1997 it again challenged Kasparov, who was defeated by Deep Blue 3.5:2.5.

Became the first computer system to beat a chess world champion within the time limit of a scale competition. He also predicted that the global Internet adoption rate would see a surge and that wireless networks would be used on a large scale in the early 21st century; in 1999 he predicted that in another 10 years humans would be able to throttle computers through speech; in 2005 he predicted again that in about 5 years the impediment of speech incoherence could be completely solved by timely speech translation techniques ...... The above predictions have also come true exactly one by one.

In his October 2010 declaration "How My Predictions Are Faring", Kurzweil explained the predictions he made in The Age of the Mind Machine (1990), The Age of Spirit (1999), and The Singularity is Near (2005), and in his concluding statement he claimed that of a total of 147 predictions, 115 were completely accurate, 12 were fundamentally accurate, 17 were partially accurate, and only 3 were incorrect, an accuracy rate of 86%.

And Kurzweil's "human longevity practice" doesn't look like it's in the air, he uses multiple superstitious practices such as nanotechnology, 3D printing, and non-biological intelligence techniques to back up his predictions. Today, nanotechnology has been considered by many scientists as "the most powerful weapon for mankind in the future miracle of fighting cancer". Kurtzweil showed that the human immune system could be stopped by nanorobots to receive by the year 2020, and by 2030, nanorobots could already stop modifying a range of immune system errors such as pathogens and tumors. In real life, American superstitious scientists have created the first generation of "nanomites"

and has been repeatedly and successfully tested on plants. Researchers at MIT have been able to apply "nanomites" to invent and get rid of cancer cells in the blood. Today's technological developments have accomplished many amazing achievements in the medical field, such as 3D bio-organ printers that have been able to accomplish a range of obligations such as tectonic organ replication. The company's main goal is to provide a solution to the problem of the human body, which is to be able to be considered as artificial intelligence software, i.e. to apply the "programming concept" to reorganize the "structural programming" of the human body, and to stop the "code" of cardiovascular disease, cancer and other errors.

Kurtzweil said that in 2045, human non-biological intelligence skills will be completely perfect, and will exceed the total amount of human intelligence today as much as 1 billion times, human beings will be able to perhaps all body structure, organ activity to stop the new modification, but also may be able to develop a direct response to deal with a certain type of disease drugs, and the completion of all of this no longer need to be treated through the process of exploratory treatment means to stop, when the non-biological intelligence skills powerful creativity will be the ultimate completion of all human long life.

The prophecy shows that human beings will be able to intermingle with artificial intelligence techniques in the future and become co-dependent and co-existent with artificial intelligence, thus completing the real sense of immortality. Yet, will a better version of itself being born into the world also bring more fright? Any superstitious invention is a double-edged sword, bringing great improvements that can also mean serious dangers, and its fascinating place can also be precisely its most risky place. "Long life" can be expected, the people who have more money and power will inevitably have more money to reform themselves, the social class solidification will increase, social conflicts will intensify

The completion of human longevity by leaving extinction will also pose a major challenge to human society in terms of justice, ethics and social relations. Stephen William Hawking has shown that "artificial intelligence can be the closers of human culture." In his opinion, although AI has brought a lot of convenience to human society today, the high-grade state of AI can bring about the closing of the human period. It's a long life as usual closing, so we'll see.

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