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Holochain: can it make blockchain obsolete?

Preface: the core tenet of blockchain is to reach trusted security in a distributed manner. So it requires a unified consensus ledger, but it also brings with it a lack of efficiency and performance. The core of the underlying chain is not scaling, but security. How do you go about coping with the shortcomings of the blockchain in the face of a super-node approach to balance speed and expense? Or is it the other way around? Holochain is a new species, it is not a blockchain, but it also has a development framework for dApps. What's its philosophy? Can it be a complementary infrastructure to the blockchain? Perhaps only time will tell, but there may be more trials to bring more possibilities to blockchain development and give the world more options. Of course, the views on this article should not be taken as investment advice. This article was written by Steve Walters from and translated by "Leo" from the Blue Fox Notes community.

Holochain is positioned as an alternative to blockchain. It provides developers with a framework for developing dApps. One huge change is the shift from data-centric to agent-centric. Holochain's approach avoids the use of global consensus and instead uses a system of agents, each of which maintains its own branch, stored and managed on the blockchain in a limited way using DHTs (distributed hash tables).

This avoids one of the challenges of blockchain: scalability. Also, it allows any dApp hosted on Holochain to do more with fewer resources compared to the blockchain. Next, the project, technology and token will be analyzed.

Why Holochain is different

Traditional blockchains store data on a distributed network via cryptographic hashes. Each node on the network maintains a full copy of the blockchain and global consensus to validate the network and maintain integrity.

Advantages of Holochain. Source: Holochain website

The blockchain approach also has some drawbacks. One of the issues is scalability as it requires each node in the network to verify the entire network.

As the amount of data on the blockchain increases, the transaction throughput of the blockchain becomes increasingly constrained. This is why some cryptocurrencies take a long time to trade and have high transaction fees.

The reason for the nameHolochain, It's becauseHolochain The system used represents a hologram-like structure。 In the hologram, The specific interactions of the beam create a continuous3-D illustrations,Holochain The system creates a coherent whole in a similar way, Make the components fit together to form a whole。 moreover, The technique uses a holistic model as one of its functional part。

part public blockchain

The Holochain system does not have scalability issues; it does not require every node agent on the network to continuously update the entire public blockchain records。 contrary, Each node maintains its own blockchain, This blockchain interacts with nodes with a unique key。 Imagine that., total public blockchain It's a big river., Each node is similar to a smaller river, It has access to big rivers。

If a node goes offline, it creates a branch of the public blockchain, but the public blockchain is unaffected and continues to operate.

Public space access to node data

Instead of requiring each node to keep a copy of the entire blockchain data, Holochain will allow the central chain to maintain a set of rules to verify the data in each node's blockchain. Authentication is done through DHT (Distributed Hash Table).

Holochain Node Architecture

This means that when a node goes offline, Its data will not be available in public blockchain loss on, Instead, a limited number of copies are maintained and validated against the ruleset。 Just as you did inHolochain posted onFAQ part As seen., The project developers compared the system to an organism inDNA The way information is stored on, Or the way people store language。

"Where's the English storage?" Question from Holochain project developers in the FAQ. "Each speaker stores language. People have different areas of expertise or are exposed to different slang or specialized words. No one can have a complete copy of the language, nor will anyone have the same version, and if half of the English speakers are lost, it won't affect the language much. "

How scalable is Holochain?

On the question of what Holochain's tps are, this is different from the scalability of traditional blockchains. A quick answer would be that Holochain's scalability is virtually unlimited. This is an oversimplified answer, and frankly, the concept about tps doesn't apply to Holochain because it has its own inherent characteristics. Holochain uses a DHT (Distributed Hash Table) to record the underlying type and validity of the data contributed by each individual node, rather than maintaining a global consensus of the blockchain data.

The project developers used the dance floor analogy to explain. You look at the dance floor and you can tell who's doing ballet and who's doing hip-hop. How many people can dance at the same time? As much as you can if it fits the dance floor. Obviously, there is no need for a trusted centralized third party to keep track of dancers and their dancing styles.

"Therefore, Holochain as an app framework does not impose restrictions on tps, as there is no need anywhere to perform a plenary consensus of all transactions for throughput." The developer writes. "It's like asking: how many words can a human say per second? This is an irrelevant question. As each person is born, this number increases. Holochain is the same. "

What dApps are suitable for Holochain?

Holochain is perfect for any dApp that requires a lot of personal input, with everyone having access to a limited copy of all input.

The immediate use case proposed by Holochain is a social media platform, but they also suggest Holochain would work well for peer-to-peer platforms, supply chain management, prestige cryptocurrency or loyalty programs, collective intelligence projects, etc. These items are suitable for Holochain due to the inherent agent-centric nature of Holochain. You can also check out the holohacker development map, which has a more comprehensive description of the types of applications developed.

Some of the apps on the Holochain Github

However, Holochain does not apply to any type of private or anonymous dataset, since each individual node publishes a shared distributed hash table. Holochain is also not suitable for any application that hosts large files, nor for running data empirical oriented dApps, such as most cryptocurrencies.

Holograph The vision adopted assumes that public blockchain There is no absolute truth., Only the individual views held by each node can be brought together to form a larger picture。 This is in contrast to the relativistic vision of the blockchain。

Language support for Holochain

Holochain is written in Go, a specific programming language chosen because of its similarity to C and ease of use. The code base is completely open source and can be viewed on Holochain Github.

When developing a dApp, for Holochain developers, they have the freedom to use Lisp and JavaScript and also support front-end languages such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

Holochain's developers say that Holochain is very flexible in handling new languages, so it is likely to add support for other languages in the future.

Holochain is the green solution

It is currently known that the PoW mechanism used in blockchains such as Bitcoin uses a lot of energy. Holochain claims to be the green solution. Since the nodes on Holochain do not store and verify data across the blockchain, they use a fraction of the bandwidth compared to traditional blockchains.

In addition, Holochain has no mining component and uses less power, in fact no more than the node computers use in normal operation. With the increasing demand for electricity in the PoW blockchain, this environmentally friendly approach seems to be better. (Translator: There is still controversy on this point, with some arguing that energy consumption is necessary to ensure safety. )

Holochain Team

The co-founder has 34 years of programming experience. Arthur Brock is the chief architect of Holochain, has been a contract coder since 1984, has worked with AI systems since 2001, and has served as an online alternative currency system designer.

Eric Harris-Braun is the Executive Engineer for the Holochain project. He has been a Contract coder since 1984, a full-time programmer since 1988, a designer of peer-to-peer communication applications (, and a full-stack engineer with experience in systems design and framework design.

Holochain Token(HOT)

Holochain completed a month-long crowdfunding campaign on April 28, 2018, raising over 30,000 ETH in total, worth approximately $20 million, when a total of 133,214,575,156 HOT tokens were issued.

HOT tokens are ERC-20 tokens that can be stored in any ERC-20 wallet. ERC-20 tokens can be exchanged for Holofuel.


It is often said that bitcoin and blockchain are the technology of the future. But, maybe that's not entirely true. Blockchain technology is actually 10 years old. The top cryptocurrencies simply mimic the current financial system in a quasi-decentralized way. (Translator's note: For this view, it is debatable, but of course everyone has their own interpretation, which is normal. )

Bitcoin can be used both as a store of value and as a casino for traders. Holochain will aim to be a system of value creation and community engagement, trying to help us build a post-cryptocurrency era based on community, individual contributions, merit and service to others. It is designed to achieve data and personal integrity.

Of course, it's not certain that Holochain will be successful. But it's ready for developers to build apps that can change our society and our world.

Extended reading: the May 15 article in Blue Fox Notes

The Holochain Opportunity: If Blockchain Didn't Have 3.0

Holochain's token price has soared in the last two days, but this article and the previous ones are not investment recommendations, you need to do a thorough research and make a good investment decision according to your personal risk tolerance.


Risk warning: All articles of Blue Fox Notes do not constitute investment recommendations, investment has risks, investment should consider personal risk tolerance, it is recommended to conduct an in-depth examination of the project and make your own investment decisions carefully.

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