Hong Kong server should not be filed

There are many benefits of renting a Hong Kong server, so many webmasters prefer to choose Hong Kong servers to build websites and other application platforms. But many new webmasters do not know enough about Hong Kong servers, one of the more concerned about Hong Kong servers to be filed or not.

So rent a Hong Kong server or not to file it? Sky Data can give a clear answer is that Hong Kong servers do not file . This is because Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region and has its own laws and policies. So the Hong Kong server also belongs to the offshore space, not subject to the supervision of the domestic Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, naturally, there is no need to file.

In fact, the website filing is only for mainland China. In addition to the Hong Kong server does not need to file, like renting the United States server, Korea server and other overseas servers are also not required to file. Of course, if you are choosing a domestic server, it is definitely necessary to file.

Do I need to file a Hong Kong server?

According to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, website filing refers to the filing information that must be submitted for website access to domestic IDC server rooms. At present, as long as the website is placed on top of the domestic hosting server, that is required to be filed to access. Choosing an offshore server, on the other hand, is not subject to this rule and can be done without filing.

Since renting a Hong Kong server is record-free, what are the benefits for our users? In fact, the main benefit is that it saves a lot of hassle. As we all know, the website filing procedure is complicated, and it takes at least 20 days for a fast one, and the process is complicated and tedious. Therefore, in order to avoid website filing procedures and to achieve the purpose of building a website quickly, most users prefer to choose Hong Kong servers.

It is also important to note that although Hong Kong servers do not require filing, not all content can be placed. For example, copyright infringement, gambling, phishing sites and all other illegal and legally prohibited content is not allowed. Of course, as long as it is a regular website, renting Hong Kong servers are not required to file and can be used directly.

At present, the use of Hong Kong servers are also more and more friends, but we are concerned about the need for filing in addition to renting a Hong Kong server. I think the cost effectiveness, access speed and stability of the Hong Kong server is more worthy of attention, after all, these elements are the foundation of the site.

Through the above introduction we should all know that the Hong Kong server is not to file, if you are too much trouble to file, you may wish to rent a Hong Kong server. But keep in mind that the website must be regular content, otherwise the website will definitely be blocked.

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