cool hit counter Honor 10 dry up a field of rivals before it's even released? Top rated by Master Lu_Intefrankly

Honor 10 dry up a field of rivals before it's even released? Top rated by Master Lu

Two days ago, @LuGuru released a list of the latest mobile AI score charts, in which the Honor 10, which will be released in five days (on the 19th of this month), emerged in the first seat.

The phone has not been officially released yet, this can not wait to run a score, it seems that the AI performance of the glory 10 is prepared oh, I think for other domestic Android smart phones, the release of the glory 10, it means that there will be another strong opponent.

Finally, by the way, the runner-up and third place in the ranking are Huawei mate10 and Huawei mate10 pro, in fourth place is the honor V10, in fifth place is ihone X. So look, in the domestic Android market, and even compare iso system, Huawei and glory has gone in the forefront of the AI artificial intelligence exploration road, or very for the national people to compete.

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