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Honor Phone 10/9i/Play in stock for grabs

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June 17 - Honor kicked off its 618 sale today, including the Honor Phone 10/9i/Play and other phones that are up for grabs in stock in this 618 sale. One of the just-launched Honor Phone Play has also joined the sale, and I believe the in-stock purchase is very convenient for consumers.

The Honor Play is equipped with a 6.3-inch bangs full-screen, the front design of the phone does not have many features, belongs to the common bangs screen phone "popular face" on the market. The bangs at the top of the Honor Play screen are more model, housing the front-facing camera, earpiece and light distance sensor, notably a breathing light hidden under the earpiece.

The Honor Play supports gaming network optimization and seamless switching between WiFi and mobile data traffic. The phone also offers a gaming assistant and a professional gaming film, which uses a nano-scale surface microstructure process to suppress reflected light.

glorifyPlay Artificial intelligence is also usedNPU chip, first issueEMUI8.2 of intelligent systems, due toAndroid8.1。 It also has3750mAh large battery,1600 ten thousandAI dual camera, backing3D Portrait Light Effect Mode, andAI Features such as smart albums。

In addition to the Honor Play, Honor says specific models of the phone are available for $50 as well as $120 off.

Honor 618 promotion venue: click here to buy

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